June 2016

Novel Drug Source Material

Close up of a bright red poppy flower

Drugs derived from nature is not a new concept. Active compounds found in microorganisms and plants have helped human health for millennia, with or without synthetic modifications of modern science. Morphine for pain and codeine for coughs are examples of drugs derived from pharmacologically active molecules known as isoquinoline alkaloids. This group of plant metabolites has over 2500 types and are typically found in the poppy and barberry plants.  

Iron of the Sky

Golden burial mask of King Tutankhamun

King Tutankhamun and the contents of his tomb have enthralled the world since its discovery in the 1920’s. Artifacts from the tomb and even his sarcophagus have toured the globe allowing the people of the world to share in this fascination.

Brain "Rebuilds" Itself to Combat Schizophrenia

Cartoon rendition of the brain

Approximately 3.5 million people in the United States are diagnosed with schizophrenia according to SARDAA (Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America), and while there currently is no medication capable of curing or reversing the onset of schizophrenia, a new study that recently appeared in Psychological Medicine  shows that the human brain has