August 2016

One Step Closer to Star Trek’s Replicator

Art Images of Food

In the science fiction series Star Trek, the Next Generation, food for the crew was dispensed through a food replicator. A device derived from a transporter, that would beam in material and reconstitute it in another form. This narrative device would solve the question of feeding an research vessel’s crew a variety of food from a transmutable food source like say algae. Seems farfetched, or at the very least a long way off, right?

New Metal Alloy Could Revolutionize Prosthetics

Magnification of titanium on the periodic table

A team of researchers at Rice University have devised a new metal alloy that could revolutionize how prosthetics are designed. According to, a team of researchers led by Emilia Morosan combined titanium and gold to develop an alloy 4 times stronger than pure titanium that can also be used "in tandem with living tissue."