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One Step Closer to Star Trek’s Replicator

Art Images of Food

In the science fiction series Star Trek, the Next Generation, food for the crew was dispensed through a food replicator. A device derived from a transporter, that would beam in material and reconstitute it in another form. This narrative device would solve the question of feeding an research vessel’s crew a variety of food from a transmutable food source like say algae. Seems farfetched, or at the very least a long way off, right?

The Biggest Problems Facing Science (Part 1)

Female and male researchers examining test tubes

According to the reporters at Vox Media, doubt is plaguing the field of science. "As reporters covering medicine, psychology, climate change, and other areas of research, we wanted to understand this epidemic of doubt. So we sent scientists a survey asking this simple question: If you could change one thing about how science works today, what would it be and why?" authors Julia Belluz, Brad Plumer, and Brian Resmick wrote.