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The Bio-Rad Icycler PCR System offers a balance of flexibility and Powerful PCR detection for multiple applications.   The Icycler PCR system is well-matched for multiplex analysis enabling extremely reproducible quantitation for up to 5 targets simultaneously.   The Bio-Rad Icycler offers outstanding data collection and uniformity over a wide range of input sample concentrations. The Bio-Rad Icycler optical module houses the excitation system and the detection system. The PCR Excitation system consists of a fan-cooled 50 watt tungsten halogen lamp a heat filter (infrared absorbing glass) a 6 position filter wheel fitted with optical filters and opaque filter "blanks" and dual mirror arrangement that allows simultaneous illumination of the entire sample plate.

The excitation system of the Bio-Rad iCycler PCR Thermal Cycler is physically located on the right front corner of the optical module with the lamp shining from right to left perpendicular to the instrument axis. Light originates at the lamp passes through the heat filter and a selected color filter and is then reflected onto the 384 well plate in the thermal cycler by a set of mirrors. This light source excites the fluorescent molecules in the wells.

Bio-Rad Icycler PCR System Specifications:

User Interface 

LCD Display / Keypad



Gradient Range

40° - 100° C

Maximum Gradient Span


Maximum Ramp Rate

3.3°C per second

Block Configuration

384 Well


20x 10x 8 in, 29 x 58 x 39 cm


27 lbs, 17.6 kg

  • Bio-Rad ICycler
  • 384 well block
  • Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-day warranty

Bio-Rad ICycler has been thoroughly tested, is performing at factory specifications and comes backed with our standard warranty. If you have any questions about this used BioRad Thermal Cycler, please contact the LabWorldGroup today. Also if you have any surplus idle equipment available for sale, kindly let us know. We Buy Lab, Biotech and Pharmaceutical Equipment.

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