Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler - Dual Bay 96 and 384 Well

  • Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler available from The Lab World Group, buyers and sellers of quality used lab equipment
  • Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler with 96 and dual 48 well blocks ready for thermal cycling
  • Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler offers you powerful thermal cycling that’s fast, efficient, and versatile
  • Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler is modular
  • Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler has a dual bay chassis
  • The Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler has easy to remove blocks and is customizable
  • The Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler is easy to program, and features intuitive software
  • The Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler can run dual blocks in gradient mode
  • The Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler, with two 96-Well blocks, is a high-performance thermal cycler
  • The B Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler is a DNA-Engine can be used with calculated temperature controls
  • The BIORAD -PTC-220 PCR is a compact instrument with a small footprint
  • The BIORAD -PTC-220 PCR uses the Hot Bonnet to allow oil-free operation
  • The BIORAD -PTC-220 PCR delivers the full temperature range of 0-100°C electronically

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The Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler is a modular PCR system with a dual bay chassis and easy to change alpha thermal blocks. These alpha blocks use thermoelectric heat pumps and sensors to monitor and modulate temperatures, with multizone control. This PTC-220 Thermal Cycler accommodates multiple protocols and multiple users. This Dual bay Dyad PCR thermal cycler has a temperature range of 0 to 105°C, with a ramping speed of 3°C per second. Gradients can be programmed across the block ranging from 1°C up to 24°C and incorporate dynamic ramping so that all samples reach their ideal temperature at the same time.

The Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler is easy to program through the graphic interface and color display.  Featuring intuitive software for data management, editing of protocols and quick programming this PCR allows for independent control of each alpha unit. The Dyad PTC-220 can be used either with calculated temperature controls for optimal speed and accuracy or with block/probe temperature controls for protocol compatibility with various instrument types. The onboard programming of this thermal cycler will also hold up to 1000 programs. These design features can translate to faster turnaround to results. 

Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler Specifications:

Thermal Range:

0° to 105°C


± 0.3° C

Thermal Uniformity

± 0.4°C well to well


1000 programs

Gradient Differential range


Ramp Speed

 up to 3°C/ sec for single and dual block, up to 1.2°C/sec with slide chambers unit

Weight (base)

40 lbs




200-240V, 50/60Hz, 1600W

  • Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler
  • 384 Well Block
  • 96 Well Block
  • 208V Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Biorad Dyad Thermal Cycler has been fully inspected and is operating without issue. All of our lab equipment comes backed by our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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