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The PTC-200 Thermocycler from Biorad Laboratories is state of the instrument which uses the polymerase chain reaction process to amplify a small copy of DNA/RNA into thousands of copies.  The BioRad PTC-200 comes with a number of built-in PCR protocols used for ramping and cooling.  This easy to use thermocyler allow the user generate more copies of their sensitive DNA samples which can then be processed through a DNA sequencer.

Repeatability can easily be achieved with each run through the Thermal Cycler delivering you accurate results each time.  The BioRad PTC200 PCR system comes with a dual 48 well alpha block which sits on the thermocycler base.  Push button controls sit on the front dash allowing for quick access.  Each of the PTC-200 base come with built-in gradient feature.  However, only the 96 well blocks can run in true gradient mode.  The thermal cycler plugs into a standard 115v outlet and comes backed with our standard warranty.  Contact us today to learn more about our BioRad PTC-200 thermocycler with dual 48 well block.

Biorad Laboratories PTC-200 Thermocycler Specifications:

Capacity1.5/2ml tubes fitting into two independent 48 well blocks
Ramp Rate3°C per second
Temperature Range1 to 99.9°C
Temperature Uniformity± 0.4°
Power115V 50/60Hz
Dimensions10” x 10” x 14”
Weight25 lb

  • Biorad Laboratories PTC-200 Thermocycler 
  • Dual 48 Well Block
  • Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual
  • 30-Day Warranty

This listing is for a reconditioned Biorad PTC-200 thermocycler.  This PCR machine has been tested and is performing up to the factory specification.  Instrument ships within three days from receipt of order.  

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