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The Bio-Tek ELx405 Select is a reliable, versatile microplate washer for applications ranging basic ELISA to cell and bead washing assays.  The ELx-405 works with both 96 well and 384 microplate plates.   This microplate washer comes equipped with a patented dual action manifold, allowing scientists independent control for both dispense an aspirate manifolds for precise overfill washing and overfill protection in both 96 and 384 well microplates less than 50 mm in height.  The two manifolds on the BioTek ELx405 Select move independently of each other on the vertical axis.  This microplate washer can handle all of today’s demanding plate washing requirements.  The ELx405 Select microplate washer comes equipped with a built-in system check which is used during initial power up to diagnose the health of the instrument.  This microplate washer’s carrier has two directions, left to right and front to back.

BioTek Elx405UCW Select CW Microplate Washer Specifications:

Micoplate types

96-well plates/strips

384-well plates

Most rigid 96- & 384- well filter plates 

96- & 384-format deep-well plates/cluster tubes, up to 50 mm tall

Manifold Type

Dual Manifold

Vacuum Filtration

Selectable: Approximate final at 30 seconds:
Lowest: -38 mmHg
Low: -113 mmHg
Medium: -200 mmHg
High: -390 mmHg
Highest: -506 mmHg

Vacuum filtration time range: 5 to 999 seconds

Processing speed

<20 seconds(1 cycle, 400µl/well, 384 wells) <30 seconds(3 cycles, 300µl/well, 96 wells)  <80 seconds(3 cycles, 100µl/well, 384 wells)

Flow Rates

High flow to low flow
Optimized rates for cell assays

Wash cycle


Volume range

50 - 3000 µL/well, in 1 µL increments



Supply bottle volume

3.7 liter

Onboard software

Create, edit or run multiple protocols


Programable up to 60 minutes

Slow, Medium, Fast or Variable 


100 to 240 volt, 50/60 Hz


29 lbs


17x 14 x 9 inches


  • Biotek ELx405 Select
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Head
  • Waste Bottle with Tubing
  • Buffer Bottle with Tubing
  • 115V Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty

This BioTek ELx405 Select microplate washer is in excellent condition and backed with our warranty. The plate washer powers up, passes all self-tests and is clog free. If you have any questions about this instrument, or any of our other used lab equipment listings, please let us know

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