Noisy Cities Could Trigger Disease, Study Finds

Noisy Cities Could Trigger Disease, Study Finds

Researchers from Nottingham Trent University have found that constant changes in noise "had an immediate and disruptive effect on the patterns of participants' normal heart rates," the Telegraph reports

The team of researchers asked shoppers to wear body sensors which monitored their heart rates as they navigated Nottingham city center for 45 minutes. They found that rapid changes in noise led to disturbances "to the normal rhythm of participants' hearts," Dr. Eiman Kanjo of Nottingham Trent's School of Science and Technology said. 

"The team says their findings add to a growing body of reserach which shows how our everyday surroundings could have wider implications for long-term health."

This is the first study of its kind to use sensors to monitor the impact city environments can have on the human body. This same study also found that air pressure impacted study participants' heart rate and body temperature as well. 

While all of the participants in this study were heart problem-free, researchers believe it would also be beneficial to study whether people with heart conditions were more strongly affected.