• The ChemGlass Reactor is available from The Lab World Group
  • The ChemGlass Reactor is quick to assemble, easy to adapt and user friendly.
  • The ChemGlass Reactor heavy duty stainless support stand of this process system has a unique clamp system that makes swapping components a breeze
  • The ChemGlass Reactor has self-leveling legs
  • The ChemGlass Reactor has a comprehensive selection of accessories and vessels, it can grow or shrink to suit your uses
  • The ChemGlass Reactor features durable construction with most components coated with PTFE for chemical resistance
  • The ChemGlass Reactor has high efficiency coil condensers
  • The ChemGlass Reactor comes with 2 digital overhead stirrers
  • The ChemGlass Reactor is suitable for medium to high viscosity tasks
  • The ChemGlass Reactor has a 19mm drive shaft
  • The ChemGlass Reactor has a 19mm drive shaft
  • The ChemGlass Reactor has a soft start to avoid sloshing and bubbles
  • The ChemGlass Reactor has accurate speed control and monitoring
  • The ChemGlass Reactor has safety features such as overload, overtemperature and over current protections
  • The ChemGlass Reactor keeps you fully informed on 4 different parameters in real time
  • The ChemGlass Reactor allows users to choose their desired time up to 999 minutes

ChemGlass Reactor - 15 Liter





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The ChemGlass Reactor is a process reactor with large capacity and heavy-duty construction and ease of access. This jacketed reactor stands 71” high, set on a support fraom with rugged stainless steel uprights, and PTFE coated aluminum fittings. The low support and v shaped  opening are built to make access and swapping components easy and secure, giving full view of the bottom valve.  This support structure also has self-leveling caster feet to keep everything on the level. To allow for connection to a cooling and heating circulator, there are stainless steel inlet/outlet adapters.

The zero dead space detachable drain valve is simple to open and close, with directional arrows that clearly direct users to avoid spills. The 5 neck lid has a large powder addition port and 45/50 thermocouple adapters. The vessel is jacketed with a visible graduation scale on both sides for easy viewing and has a  maximum of 10 psi.  Inside the chamber is a Teflon coated agitator and 19 mm stir shaft, controlled by the Optichem digital controller set at eye level. This controller can toggle between speed and torque display to fit the needs of the user and is compatible with motors up to 500 rpm, this particular motor included stirs at up to 250 rpm. Users can also toggle the direction of the aggitator clockwise or counterclockwise with the flick of a switch.

15L Process Reactor Specifications:

Overhead Stirrer


Speed Range

250 rpm RPM


1/8 hp

Max pressure of vessel

10 psi

Power Supply Volts

120v, 60hz

General System







  • Chemglass Glass Lab Reactor
  • Opti-Chem Controller
  • Overhead Stirrer with Rod and Impeller 
  • 15L Glass Vessel
  • 120V Power Cord
  • Stand with Wheel Casters
  • 30-Day Warranty

This system has been fully inspected and is operating without issue. All of our lab equipment comes backed by a standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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