• The -20°C Laboratory Freezer is available from The Lab World Group, lab liquidation specialists
  • The -20°C Laboratory Freezer provides precise digital temperature control
  • The -20°C Laboratory Freezer a unique ecofriendly refrigeration system
  • The -20°C Laboratory Freezer is cooled with all-natural hydrocarbon refrigerants
  • The -20°C Laboratory Freezer has zero ozone depletion potential
  • The -20°C Laboratory Freezer reduces energy consumption by 15%
  • The -20°C Laboratory Freezer features digital control with precise temperature management
  • The -20°C Laboratory Freezer has monitoring and alarms for high and low temperature deviation
  • The -20°C Laboratory Freezer sensor errors making it an ideal choice for critical samples and supplies
  • The -20°C Laboratory Freezer is an ideal choice for critical samples and supplies
  • The -20°C Laboratory Freezer has a temperature range of this 4°C Lab Freezer is between 1-10°C
  • The -20°C Laboratory Freezer has excellent uniformity and recovery
  • The -20°C Laboratory Freezer has forced air distribution

-20°C Laboratory Freezer - Unused


-20 Lab Freezer



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The -20°C Laboratory Freezer is an upright lab freezer with an eco-friendly refrigeration system and precise digital control. This ecofriendly laboratory refrigerator has a temperature range of between -15 to 25°C and can be set in either °C of °F. Thanks to the forced air distribution, directional cooling, with over-sized evaporators and condensers this lab freezer has excellent uniformity and recovery. Users can control their lab freezer with precise digital temperature management through real-time sample simulated temperature, partnered with monitoring and alarms for high and low-temperature deviation and sensor errors making it an ideal choice for critical samples and supplies. This upright 20 cu ft lab freezer is cooled with all-natural hydrocarbon refrigerants, an alternative with zero ozone depletion potential that reduces energy consumption by 15%. This HCMFS-20 Freezer also features a compact footprint, bottom venting, and manual defrost to reduce temperature spikes.

-20°C Laboratory Freezer Specifications:

Temperature Range

-15 to -25°C


20 cu ft


½ hp



Interior Dimensions

25.5 x 20.5 x 65”


31 x 28 x 74”




200 lbs


115 V, 60 Hz, 1.96 A


  • Eco-Friendly -20°C Laboratory Freezer | Unused Scratch & Dent Model | MSRP: $3632.00
  • Shelves
  • Temperature Validation Report
  • 120V Power Cord (2A)
  • 30-Day Warranty
  • Please note: thermometer seen on the door is our testing unit and is not included with this listing.

This -20°C Laboratory Freezer is an Unused Scratch & Dent Model that has been fully inspected and is operating without issue. All of our lab equipment comes backed by our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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