Eppendorf MasterCycler EP Gradient Thermal Cycler 96 Well

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The Eppendorf Mastercycler Ep Gradient Thermal Cyclers are known for their fast heating and cooling, with speedy gradient PCR cycling for the best in optimized reaction conditions. This PCR system uses a control panel to manage reactions, and can be operated through the key pad or with use of a mouse to easily edit and store up to 700 protocols. These thermal cyclers can also be daisy chained, up to 30 units and controlled through a PC should you need a higher throughput. The Eppendorf Mastercycler Ep Gradient Thermal Cycler features heated lid that avoids preheating samples and minimizes unspecific annealing. This gradient thermal cycler also utilizes SteadySlope technology for consistency in heating and cooling rates for results that are simple to transfer to more routine applications. Ramp rates on this thermal cycler system are variable, and users can set parameters such as time, temperature, alarm ranges, auto restart dialing, and stores up to 700 user defined PCR programs

Eppendorf Mastercycler Ep Gradient Thermal Cycler System Specifications:

Sample Capacity

96 x 0.2 ml PCR Tubes or a 96 Well PCR plate

Temperature control range of the block 

4 °C to 99 °C

Spread of the gradient  

1 °C to 20 °C

Temperature range of the gradient 

30 °C to 99 °C

Temperature control range of the lid   

37 °C to 110 °C

Block homogeneity  

@35 °C ≤ ± 0.3 °C

@90 °C ≤ ± 0.4 °C

Control accuracy 

± 0.2 °C

Heating rate 

app. 4 °C/s

Cooling rate

app. 3 °C/s

Number of Programs



11 x 17 x 13

Total Weight 



100-130 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Power consumption 


Ambient conditions  

15 °C to 35 °C, 70 % rel. humidity, up to 2000 m above mean sea level

Storage conditions 

-20 °C to 70°C, 85 % rel. humidity

  • Eppendorf Mastercycler Ep Gradient Thermal Cycler
  • 96 Well Block
  • LCD Controller
  • 115V Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Eppendorf Mastercycler Ep Gradient Thermal Cycler was tested by our service team multiple times to ensure system is working to factory specification.  We used our temperature verification probes to validate this thermocycler and unit ramped up at 95°C and ramped down to 4°C without any issues. System is fully validated with clean bill of health. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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