• Fisher AccuSpin 1R Refrigerated Centrifuge available from The Lab World Group, buyers and sellers of quality used lab equipment
  • The Fisher AccuSpin 1R centrifuge is used for pharmaceutical research, large capacity centrifuge
  • The Fisher AccuSpin 1R centrifuge is used for pharmaceutical research, large capacity centrifuge
  • The Fisher Accuspin centrifuge comes with rotor and buckets
  • The Fisher AccuSpin 1R is used for spinning large volume samples at a slow rate
  • The Fisher AccuSpin 1R centrifuge comes with preset runs built into the memory bank of the machine
  • The Fisher Accuspin centrifuge is ideal for a wide range of lab processes
  • The Fisher AccuSpin 1R centrifuge has a 1.6l capacity
  • The Fisher AccuSpin 1R centrifuge comes with rotor adapters
  • The Fisher AccuSpin 1R centrifuge has a 1.6l capacity
  • The Fisher Accuspin 1R centrifuge has been fully inspected
  • The Fisher Accuspin 1R centrifuge is ready to ship

Fisher Accuspin 1R Refrigerated Centrifuge


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The Fisher AccuSpin 1R is a powerful mid-range benchtop centrifuge with refrigeration, used for a wide range biotech, pharmaceutical, R&D and industrial applications. This unit has a 1.6l capacity, a greater capacity than most mid-range sized benchtop centrifuges, and a max speed of 15000 RPM, (17 860 x g). The timed features allows for continuous runs or from 0-9h and 59 minutes. The temperature control for this Fisher Centrifuge can be set between 0-40°C.

The centrifuge features microprocessor controls situated in the front of the instrument used for easy access.  The AccuSpin 1R is preset with programs for acceleration and deceleration along with a built-in memory bank to retain the last settings used. The system also automatically recognizes the rotor being used for proper speeds, has load imbalance detection, and a maintenance free, whisper quiet motor.  The centrifuge comes with an electronic locking lid, a built-in safety feature that lock the lid during runs.  The benchtop centrifuge is ideal for every day lab use and is constructed out of long lasting materials.  

AccuSpin 1R Specifications:

Maximum Capacity

4 x 400ml

Speed Range


Maximum RCF    

17,860 x g


-0 °C to 40 °C


1min - 9 h 59 min, hold = permanent

1min – 99 h, hold (extended mode)


115V 50/60Hz


28 x 23 x 16”


240 lbs


  • Fisher Accuspin 1R Catalog# 75003449
  • 4-Place Swing Rotor
  • 5ml, 15ml, 50ml Inserts
  • Microplate Adapters
  • User Manual
  • 120V Power Cord (12A)
  • 30-Day Warranty

Every piece of lab equipment that enters The Lab World Group receives a full preventative maintenance and quality control before being listed for sale. This ensures that all items ship within 1 to 3 days once your order is placed and that the lab equipment you receive is in pristine condition.


The first step is receiving the laboratory equipment into our facility. At that point regardless of the unit’s origin they are instantly decontaminated using both simple green and isopropyl alcohol. For the next step, the laboratory instruments are then entered into our inventory system where each piece of equipment receives its own tracking ID and history.  The inventory management is a large part of our system ensuring each piece of equipment receives the appropriate care as well as for any consigned pieces our customers have perfect tracking of their assets.


The maintenance of the centrifuges, analyzers, incubators, etc are all unique to their functions in the lab. The preventive maintenance process for an analyzer is vastly different than an incubator or lab refrigerator. One of the major differences with The Lab World Group is we service all our own laboratory equipment and are experts in servicing everything from a vortexer to a Chromatography System.  


The First step we undertake when testing your centrifuge is the same regardless of whether is refrigerated, a benchtop or ultra-centrifuge. We ensure the centrifuge is properly balanced on the floor. Next, we check the rotor for any chips or defects and weigh the buckets for appropriate weight. The key to properly running any centrifuge is to ensure the unit is always balanced both internal and external. 


Next, we then check the unit for physical defects and worn parts such as missing drip pans, dings and dents, gas lid struts, LCD screens, centrifuge seals, rotor seals, lid locking mechanisms, etc. We then open the centrifuge and perform a full preventive maintenance on the unit. This includes lubricating and greasing any gears, parts, and mechanisms. The electronic boards are reviewed for defective or expiring electronic parts such as transistors or capacitors.


We then install the rotor and buckets and run the centrifuge at a low rpm to ensure it is balanced and running properly. Using a tachometer, we then calibrate the centrifuge at a low speed to ensure accuracy. After calibration of the centrifuge we then run it through continued testing. We test the unit for 20 minutes, 40 minutes and 60-minute cycles at various speeds. The various rcf and rpm tests allow us to test that low-speed calibration is holding at high centrifugation speeds.


Next the unit is given a secondary cleaning and decontamination. At that point we picture and video the unit to show you the exact centrifuge that you will be receiving including the specific rotor buckets and inserts. This ensures that once you order the centrifuge it can easily pass its additional outbound quality control and be shipped within 1 -3 days. 


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