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The GE NanoVue UV-Visible Spectrophotometer is a potent little instrument that’s a staple in spectrophotometry. Sample sizes as small as 0.5 µl and up to 2 µl can be directly pipetted on to a special hydrophobic plate for reading, and once the run is complete users can either wipe it away or recover the sample. 

The GE NanoVue is a full spectrum and highly accurate UV-Visible Spectrophotometer with a range of 200-1100 nm and an accuracy of ±2 nm across range ( ±1 nm from 240nm to 330nm.) The GE NanoVue Spectrophotometer also has a photometric accuracy of ±1% at 257nm at 0.7-0.8A from a pulsed xenon lamp. All calibrations for this UV Vis spectrophotometer are handled with an internal protocol and can be done within the lab, there’s no need to send it out. An easy to read graphical display walks users through menus to access calculations and analyses, that can then be exported in a variety of formats, and transferred either through a USB key or printed out.

The GE NanoVue UV-Visible Spectrophotometer comes pre-programmed with 94 methods for determination of oligonucleotide concentrations and purity, determination of RNA and DNA as well as detecting impurities through wavelength scanning. This unit can also store up to 90 user methods, with optional password protection in order to maintain accuracy between users. The GE NanoVue UV-Visible Spectrophotometer can run up to 27 standards when quantifying proteins by BCA, Bradford, Direct UV, Lowry, and Biuret. This spectrophotometer gives you your choice of units when displaying concentration measurements, µg/ml, ng/µl, ?g/µl, pmol/µl, and pmol.  Contact us today to learn more about our GE NanoVue systems

GE NanoVue UV-Visible Spectrophotometer Specifications:


24lbs IN CASE


16x22x11 " (260 x 390 x 100 mm)

Digital output      

USB port standard, Bluetooth option 

Photometric accuracy

±1% at 257nm at 0.7-0.8A 

Photometric range 

0 to 125 A(10mm pathlength equivalence) 


1024 element CCD array 

Wavelength reproducibility

± 0.5 nm

Wavelength accuracy

±.2 nm across range, ±.1 nm from 240nm to 330nm 

Wavelength calibration

Automatic upon switch on 


Flat grating

Light sources

 Pulsed xenon lamp

Wavelength range 

200-1100 nm (scanning 200-950 nm)

  • GE NanoVue UV-Visible Spectrophotometer 
  • Operator's Guide
  • Windows 7 Laptop With Datrys Standard Edition
  • Power Cord
  • Communication Cable
  • Warranty

This GE NanoVue UV-Visible Spectrophotometer has been tested and calibrated by our technician's to ensure instrument was performing at factory specification. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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