Gravity Oven - 3.7 cu ft

  • The VWR Gravity Oven 89511-406 is available from The Lab World Group, the best lab auction dealers in Boston
  • The VWR Gravity Oven 89511-406 provides high precision, digitally controlled drying and heating
  • The VWR Gravity Oven 89511-406 has a wide temperature range of between 50° and 250 °C
  • The VWR Gravity Oven 89511-406 is gentler than forced air ovens
  • The VWR Gravity Oven 89511-406 has a wide temperature range of between 5° above ambient to 250 °C
  • The VWR Gravity Oven 89511-406 has a uniformity of ± 4.5°C at 150°C
  • The VWR Gravity Oven 89511-406 has heavy duty shelving
  • The VWR Gravity Oven 89511-406 will hold up to 55lbs on each shelf

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The VWR Gravity Oven offers you a precisely controlled, uniform and gentle airflow for heating delicate samples. The VWR oven utilizes a natural gravity convection air flow, that minimizes disruption of light samples and powders, and features an adjustable air dampener letting you choose between a drying effect or heat treatment with high level accuracy. This 3.7 cu ft lab oven has a user-friendly digital interface, with an easy to read display, letting users set all their desired parameters including start and stop times. This Lab Oven has a wide temperature range of between 50° and 250 °C, heating up to 150 in just 24 minutes and recovering in 8 minutes after openings. Safety features include over temperature protection, dual sensor safety sensors and an RS-232 connection for data monitoring through a PC. The interior of this gravity oven is lined with corrosion resistant, smooth construction stainless steel and features adjustable, high performance shelving built to hold up to 55 lbs each.

VWR Gravity Oven 89511-406 Specifications:


104 L (3.7 cu. ft.)

Heat Up Time

24 min. to 150°C

Temperature Fluctuation (°C)

± 0.4°C at 37°C

Temperature Range

50 to 250°C

Temperature Uniformity

± 4.5°C at 150°C (based on 27 sensors)

Recovery Time

8 min. to 150°C

Internal Dimensions


External Dimensions



144 lbs


120v, 60Hz, 1.68 kW 14.0A


  • VWR Gravity Oven 3.7 cubic foot | Scratch & Dent Model | MSRP: $4500.00 
  • Shelves
  • Temp. Validation Report
  • 120V Power Cord
  • Lab Oven User Manual
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Gravity Oven is a scratch and dent model and has been fully inspected. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesistate to contact us.

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