How Can You Maximize Return Through Selling Used Lab Equipment

How Can You Maximize Return Through Selling Used Lab Equipment
Selling used lab equipment maximized ROI


Selling used lab equipment allows labs to recuperate capital and reinvest in their projects.

Selling Lab Equipment frees up space


Laboratory space is valuable and there's never enough.

Selling Lab Equipment keeps e-waste out of the landfills


Keep potentially hazardous waste out of a landfill. 

Other Services we offer

Consigning Lab equipment
Consignment allows customers to maximize their return when selling used lab equipment. When selling through consignment, The Lab World Group will work to sell your equipment while you free up space in your lab and await payment. This option offers a great ROI, a quick selling cycle, and a high conversion rate.
The Lab World Group Buys Used Lab equipment

Also known as direct sale, this is the simplest option with the shortest wait for payment. When selling directly to The Lab World Group, customers are paid within 48 hours of agreeing on a sale price. Short on time and space? Direct sales is a great option.

The Lab World Group can arrange an auction of surplus lab equipment

Customers looking to sell a large amount of equipment in a short amount of time will typically opt for a lab liquidation auction. This option offers a well-defined timeframe for payment and a high conversion rate. This allows labs that may be closing or restructuring to maximize their return on used equipment they no longer have a need for.

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