Lab Equipment Auctions from The Lab World Group

Lab Equipment Auctions from The Lab World Group
Auctions Free Up Lab Space

Whether it's closing a facility, or just freeing up space, maybe you need to move items quickly

Lab Auction Pros and Cons

As with other laboratory equipment resale methods, lab auctions have their own set of benefits

We cover all the bases of a Lab Auction

From inventorying to marketing to shipping logistics, an auction lets you quickly liquidate

Other Services we offer

Targeted Lab Auction marketing
We Handle Marketing

Experienced auction organizations have a strong understanding of how to best market your equipment. Laboratory equipment is a broad category, however, with the right auctioneer, they have the know-how and contacts to market directly to a large database of qualified, interested buyers for your equipment.

Our auctioneers will organize the auction from start to finish
We handle the messy stuff

Our auctioneers will organize, schedule, market, and run the auction from start to finish even come to your facility and perform an equipment assessment. They will also ensure that you receive payment from the buyer.

Lab auctions are ideal if you are looking to liquidate a large number of assets quickly
Sell large quantities quickly

Lab auctions are ideal if you are looking to liquidate a large number of assets quickly. Whether a division of your company is closing or relocating, or if you’re just looking to free up some cash, auctions offer a quick selling cycle and high conversion rate. Buyer's bid with confidence, schedule a site inspection prior to any event.

There are a number of reasons labs will look to sell equipment. Whether the lab is downsizing, a facility is closing, or a trial received federal funding, one question always remains the same: What do you do with all of the used lab equipment you no longer need? Surplus lab equipment that lies idle in a facility eats up valuable lab space, space that could be used for more relevant equipment. Not only is there hogging of real estate, but also it's tying up capital on your balance sheet. 

The Lab World Group provides several services to assist you with liquidating your surplus laboratory instruments.  A used lab equipment auction is one of the ways we can help. Acting as your exclusive agent, we will come to your facility and perform an equipment assessment and begin scheduling a lab auction event. Once an auction is scheduled, we will broadcast the event to a large database of qualified buyers from various market places targeted for your specific instruments. 

By choosing to sell your used lab supplies not only has the potential to represent a new scientific tool for surplus equipment buyers in the life science community, it can also help you recoup some of your initial investment. The Lab World Group will handle all aspects of the auction - from inventory to marketing and logistics, which allows for flexibility to maximize your return.

"Can’t say enough good things about this experience. My company was shutting down, which is a pretty depressing process, and they were kind, professional, trustworthy/very high integrity, and worked fast-selling our equipment through an auction. I was very pleased with the return that they were able to achieve on our assets. They did everything they promised us they would do and then went above and beyond and took care of stuff for us that definitely wasn’t in their purview in order for us to leave our office/lab in an orderly fashion. An A+ experience from start to finish. I would recommend them without hesitation."

-Rachel Terry of Pellion Technologies