Labconco Protector Fiberglass Filtered Glove Box

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The Labconco Protector Fiberglass Filtered Glove Box offers you leak-tight physical protection from hazardous materials. This glove box has inlet and outlet filters that are 99.99% effective particulates down to 0.3 micron in size, with an exhaust volume range of ≤20 CFM and ≥75 CFM. Air volume in this filtered glove box changes out at a minimum of ≤1.1 and a maximum of ≥4.1 air changes per minute. The Protector Glove Box features fast clean up time, 0.05 ppm average tracer gas levels or less detected during perimeter scan testing after 5-minute dilution. Monitoring of parameters such as chamber pressure, air changes and volume dilution of this protection box are displayed on the digital LCD display in real time.

The Labconco Protector Fiberglass Filtered Glove Box contains <20 nanograms per cubic meter, meeting ISO class 3 standards, as well as being appropriate to use as containment isolators for ISO 4 and 5 banding levels. The airborne particulate cleanliness of this filtered glove box exceeds ISO Class 5 conditions and the box is tested for leaks while pressurized and with a mass spectrometer, showing no leaks greater that 1 x 10-6 ml/sec. The filtration system uses a true bag in/bag out filter disposal system, ensuring safe removal and replacement of glove box filters. The air blower on this protector box has a speed range of between  15 CFM to 85 CFM.

The Labconco Protector Fiberglass Filtered Glove Box comes with a pair of neoprene gloves, mounted in two independent grooved glove ports, set in a large 36 x 27” viewing area made of 3/8 thick laminated safety glass for maximum visibility. The body of this protection box is 18 and 20 gauge stainless steel with an expoxy powder coating, and within the chamber you’ll find wall-mounted pass-through plug for on-site installation of an optional accessory: electrical outlet, RS-232 port, gas/liquid port, or port for oxygen or moisture monitor.

Labconco Protector Fiberglass Filtered Glove Box Specifications:

Number of Glove Ports: Two
Air Blower Speed Range15 CFM to 85 CFM

Liner Material: 

Interior Working Width35 "

Filter Type: 

Power100-115v, 50/60 Hz, 12 a
External Dimensions30x63x79
Weight500 lbs

  • Labconco Protector Fiberglass Filtered Glove Box 
  • Transfer Station
  • Gloves
  • Stand
  • 115V Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty
  • Unit is New Out Box System, Was Purchased and used as prop on the set of an X-Men Movie

This Labconco Protector Fiberglass Filtered Glove Box was purchased and used as prop on the set of an X-Men Movie. All of our lab equipment is backed by our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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