Mettler Tolledo Analytical Balance AG245

  • The Mettler Toledo AG245 Analytical Balance is available from The Lab World Group
  • The Mettler Toledo AG245 Analytical Balance gives you 16 weighing functions in a handy, easy to place unit
  • The Mettler Toledo AG245 Analytical Balance gives you one-touch automated calibration technology
  • The Mettler Toledo AG245 Analytical Balance offers can be used either with the AC power supply or with batteries
  • The Mettler Toledo AG245 Analytical Balance has 210 g capacity
  • The Mettler Toledo AG245 Analytical Balance has an easy to read LCD digital display
  • The Mettler Toledo AG245 Analytical Balance puts out weights can be used for piece count and percent weighing
  • The Mettler Toledo AG245 Analytical Balance data can connected directly to a PC via RS232C interface
  • The Mettler Toledo AG245 Analytical Balance is housed chemically resistant plastic body
  • The Mettler Toledo AG245 Analytical Balance has a Glass draft shield



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The Metter Toledo Analytical Balance AG245 is one of the best-made balances and has an unmatched weighing performance and intuitive design. This Mettler Balance is essential in today’s regulated Laboratory environment and a must-have tool for everyday labs. This unit is helpful in various labs including R&D, Pharmaceutical and Academic laboratories. The Mettler Toledo AG line has numerous weighing and adjustment possibilities and is easy to use and operate. The Mettler Toledo AG245 also contains integrated doors and draft shields which make them some of the most compact analytical balances out there.  The draft door on both sides also makes it convenient for both right and left-handed users, as well as easy to position in the lab. The AG245 has a maximum capacity of 210g with a fine range of 41g and stabilizes typically within 3 and 5 seconds.

The Mettler Toledo AG245 comes with a built-in calibration protocol that has a built-in weight and motorized function to verify the procedure. Of course, you can always externally calibrate the AG 245 at any time. The Mettler AG245 Balance operating menu allows us to adapt the balance to weighing conditions, select calibration function, weighing process adapter, repeatability, auto-zero correction, primary and alternative weighing units and interface output parameters. In addition to the standard weighing mode, the balance has special applications: piece counting, percent weighing, formula weighing and dynamic weighing of unstable weighing samples. While there are many different models in the Mettler Toledo AG line that can handle different weights. All of the Mettler Toledo AG lines have a chemical resistant and rugged design.  The models are designed compactly to give you extra bench space in those already tight lab spaces. The draft shield is integrated and can be easily open with one hand, from the right or top of the Mettler Toledo AG245. The keypad is simple and intuitive with large buttons and backlighting to make it easier to read.


Mettler AG245 Analytical Balance Specifications: 

Maximum capacity

210g /41 g


0.1 mg / 0.01 mg

Taring range

0…210 g


0.1 mg/0.02mg


±0.2 mg/ ±0.03mg

Stabilization time

3 s / 5s


Internal weight 200 g

External weight 40/100/200g


Temperature drift  ±1.5 ppm/ºC

Long-term drift ±0.003 %


12 x 8 x 13 inches




9-20 V, 50/60 Hz

  • Mettler Toledo AG245 Analytical Balance
  • Weigh Pan
  • 120V Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Mettler Toledo analytical balance AG245 comes fully calibrated and is operating without issue. All of our lab equipment comes backed by our standard warranty. Should have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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