NBS Innova U101-86 Minus 80 Benchtop Freezer

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The NBS Innova U101 -86°C Benchtop Freezer is specially designed to bring you the best features of a large upright ultra-low temp freezer with the conveniences of a compact benchtop foot print. This ultra-low temp freezer use can even be stacked two high for more storage in the same real estate.  The Innova U101 is microprocessor controlled, and features a variety of alerts to changes in set parameters, such as temperature deviation, power failure with batter back up, and filter maintenance. End users of this benchtop ultra low temperature freezer can also define their own pass code to lock settings and prevent accidental tampering.

The NBS Innova U101 -86°C Benchtop Freezer can be so compact thanks to its innovative vacuum insulation panel technology and efficient cooling, that creates more room for your samples. Inside these -80 freezers are individual, easy to remove, sealed inner doors to help prevent cold air loss and to keep openings easy throughout the day, a heated air vent helps to prevent ice buildup and vacuum formation. The NBS Innova U101 -86°C Benchtop Freezer’s interior also features a corrosion resistant stainless shelf, two access ports that provide the easy addition of sensors or backup systems as well as an alarm contact if users want to add an external monitoring device. This upright lab freezer also comes with a chart recorder for monitoring temperatures and freezer performance.

NBS Innova U101 -86°C Benchtop Freezer Specifications:


101 L (3.6 cu. ft.)



Internal Dimensions

19 x 12 x 25”

Extrenal Dimensions 

33 x 23 x 38”


116 kg (256 lbs.)


120V, 60Hz          

  • NBS Innova U101 -86°C Benchtop Freezer
  • Shelf
  • Chart Recorder
  • 120V Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty

This NBS Innova U101 -86°C Benchtop Freezer has been tested and validated by our service team.  This unit got down to -86°C and maintained without any issues.  Freezer is in excellent working condition. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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