Nikon Eclipse Ti Fluorescence Microscope

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The Nikon Eclispe Ti Fluorescence Microscope Provides you with cutting edge, flexible and responsive microscopy with high quality image acquisition and analysis. This inverted microscope is ideal for researchers processing live, fast cells, along with spatial and spectral information. This remarkably fast microscope leverages a communication hub to optimize components and reduce time spent coordinating between them, arriving at image capture much sooner than traditional systems. The Ti system is integrated with a perfect focus system to correct focus drifting over time-lapse or long-term observation. This inverted fluorescence microscope features a stratum structure that allows the addition of a second optical system, adding in an optional back port for a second camera for multiple camera imaging of a single sample.

In addition, the Nikon Eclispe Ti has the ability to run other microscopy applications which include FRET, Confocal, High Content Analysis (HCS), photo bleaching and photo activation.  This works well for studies focusing on interaction of fluorescence protein molecules in living tissue and cells.  Another great feature included with the Nikon Ti is the advanced full intensity phase contrast.  This unique feature allows the user the ability to acquire crisp images without using any light attenuating phase contrast objectives. This inverted microscope is built for outstanding image capture no matter the observation method, being dark field, bright field, phase contrast, or fluorescence.

The Nikon Ti Inverted Research Microscope is built with comfortable, ease of operation in mind with motorized components, a clearly displayed status right up front, and easy to identify by touch operational buttons on either side. This fluorescence inverted microscope comes outfitted with a Newport TMC vibration table that eliminates any vibration interference for crystal clear imaging, an Andor Technology camera, and Molecular Devices Metamorph NX software for robust analysis and processing. This inverted research microscope also features a sextuple fluorescence filter cube rotating turret, Filter cubes with noise terminator mechanism, Light intensity control, Light on/off switch, Motorized escape and refocus mechanism, and switchable coarse and fine adjustments.


Nikon Eclipse Ti Fluorescence Microscope Specifications:






up 7.5mm, down 2.5mm

Intermediate magnification


Power Consumption


Complete system dimensions

36 x 36 x 60”

  • Nikon Ti Fluorescence Microscope
  • Windows Computer Workstation with Meta Imaging Series 7.7
  • Molecular Devices MetaMorph NX software with USB Dongle
  • Andor Technology Camera
  • Six Position AMH-200-F6S 200Watt Stabilized Metal Halide Ligh Source
  • C-HGFI Sutter
  • 4x Plan Fluor, 10x Plan Fluor, 20x Plan Fluor, 40x,/0.95, 60x/1.40 Objectives
  • LWD 0.52 Nikon Condensor
  • ND4 Filter
  • ND8 Filter
  • NCB Filter
  • GIF Filter
  • ND Filter 
  • D Filter
  • Power Cables
  • Communication Cables
  • Newport TMC Vibration Table
  • Operator's Guide
  • Box Accessories as seen in photos
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Nikon Ti Fluorescence Microscope has been fully inspected, the objectives are clear and all the components are operating as expected. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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