Ohaus CS5000 Balance

  • The Ohaus CS5000 Balance is available from the Lab world Group, used lab equipment brokers
  • The Ohaus CS5000 Balance delivers accurate readings in a balance that’s portable
  • The Ohaus CS5000 Balance is lightweight, and compact
  • The Ohaus CS5000 Balance has a removable large stainless platform
  • The Ohaus CS5000 Balance is roughly 6” in diameter
  • The Ohaus CS5000 Balance runs on 3 AA batteries
  • The Ohaus CS5000 Balance can run for 300 hours
  • The Ohaus CS5000 Balance measures up to 5000g
  • The Ohaus CS5000 Balance has a digital display
  • The Ohaus CS5000 Balance can also be used with an ac adapter




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The Ohaus CS5000 Balance provides a convenient portable weighing solution, partnered with an easy to use interface and durable construction. This digital scale has a user-friendly LCD screen that shows weight grams, pounds, ounce and newtons with a maximum capacity of 5000g, readable at 1g resolution. What this scale lacks in extended resolution, it makes up for in portability with 300 hours of battery life and radio frequency protection that gets you stable dependable results, even in areas where radio waves are present. Should you prefer a standard AC adapter may be used in place of the 3 AA batteries. The CS5000 has a large weighing platform, constructed of stainless and that's removable for easy cleaning. This weighing pan is roughly 6” in diameter to accommodate larger samples and is easy to care for.

Ohaus CS5000 Portable Balance Specifications:

Maximum Capacity

5000 g

Units of Measurement

Gram; Pound: Ounce; Ounce;  Newton


1 g

Stabilization Time

3 s

Tare Range

To capacity by subtraction

Pan Size (LxW)

5.75 in x 5.25 in (145 mm x 133 mm)

Pan Construction

Stainless Steel

Working Environment/Ambient Environmental Conditions

64°F – 77°F, 80%RH, non-condensing (18°C – 25°C, 80%RH, non-condensing)

Battery Life

300 Hours with Disposable Batteries


3 AA (LR6) Batteries (Included);  AC Adapter (Included)


6 x 8 x 2”


1 lb



  • Ohaus CS5000 Portable Balance
  • Weigh Pan
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Ohaus CS5000 Portable Balance hsa been fully inspected and is ready to ship. Please note these units come with batteries, however adapters are not included. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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