Precellys 24 Tissue Homogenizer with Cryolys

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The Bertin Technologies Precellys 24 is an easy handling, durable and reliable homogenizer dedicated to extraction of DNA, RNA, proteins or drugs. It guarantees an efficient homogenization with high yield and quality results compatible with all analysis methods.  The Precellys 24 Homogenizer with Cryolys was specifically developed and designed to be a highly efficient grinder for use in Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratories operating under high-throughput conditions (50-100 runs per day) without risk of cross-contamination. This bead-beating homogenizer can simultaneously grind up to 24 tubes of 2 ml only in few seconds all in retaining molecular integrity while the single-use tubes prevent samples from any cross contamination. With beads and standard protocols specific to each application, a large range of biological samples can be grinded, homogenized or lysed with the Precellys 24 Homogenizer. Samples ranging from fragile micro-organisms and soft tissue such as liver, brain, leaf, to hard tissues such as bones and hair can be crushed with 5 different sizes of beads (ceramic, metal, glass, zirconium oxide) to release the desired DNA, RNA, protein, drugs, etc


The Precellys 24 Tissue Homogenizer with Cryolys by Bertin Technologies is built to endure today's rugged lab use with a durable plastic case with quick connect locking lid for easy loading and unloading of samples. This tissue homogenizer can also be used with a wide range of lysis kits for dry grinding, micronisation, lysis of microorganisms, homogenization of fresh cells, frozen tissue cells and dissociation of living bacteria. A typical run for this lysing instrument takes about 30 seconds with large samples and nucleic acid along with proteins are completely separated from the tissue cell.  Once run is complete a quick centrifugation step is required to pellet the debris before using the sample. The Precellys is partnered with a Cryolys cooling option to help prevent sample degradation of thermo-sensitive molecules like RNA or proteins during processing. This cooling option is used with either dry ice or liquid nitrogen to cool throughout the homogenization process, with an adjustable flow rate of up to 110L/min (6.6m3/h) to restrict heat generation, keeping samples around 10°C providing a higher yield and high-quality extraction.

Precellys 24 Tissue Homogenizer System Specifications:


1mg to 500mg Tissue Samples, 10µl to 1500µl Cell Culture Samples 


Up to 24 x 2ml

Run Time

5 to 90 seconds in increments of 5 seconds

3D Motion Speed

5000 - 6800 RPM by 100 RPM increments

Number of Cycles

1 to 3


5 Preset Programs 

Operating Temperature

4°C to 30°C


100 - 230V 50/60Hz

Dimensions (L x W x H)

11.4" x 14.7" x 14.5"



Cryolis System Specifications:


Temperature Range

0°C- 10°C


from 5 bars ( 73 PSI) to 10 bars (145 PSI)

Flow rate

up to 110L/min (6.6m3/h)

Consumption (run time)

2L of liquid nitrogen for 5 min or 1 kg of dry ice for 1.5h


less than 70 dB





Power requirement

100-230 VAC / 50-60 Hz / Power 2A

  • Precellys 24 Tissue Homogenizer 
  • Sample Holder 
  • Bag of Bead Cell Beaters
  • Cryolys Temperature System
  • 115V Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Precellys 24 homogenizer manufactured by Bertin Technologies  has been tested an is performing to the manufacturer's factory specification. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please dont' hesitate to contact us.

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