Rainin E4 XLS Electronic Pipettes with Charging Stand

  • Rainin E4 XLS Electronic Multi Channel Pipette available from the lab world group, buyers and sellers of quality used lab equipment
  • The Rainin E4 XLS Multi Channel Pipette comes with battery pack
  • Rainin E4 XLS multi-channel pipette is password protected
  • Used Lab Equipment including electronic pipettes with warranty
  • Used Rainin E4 XLS electronic pipette with 12 channel head is precise
  • The Rainin E4 XLS Multi Channel Electronic Pipette has a flexible digital interface that lets users program and adjust their parameters quickly and easily.
  • The Rainin E4 XLS Multi Channel Electronic Pipette has 3 different modes
  • The Rainin E4 XLS Multi Channel Electronic Pipette has a built-in tip ejector
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The Mettler Toledo Rainin E4 XLS digital pipette brings you multiple functions and variable volumes to meet your pipetting needs. These easy to use automatic pipettes have a joystick handle with graphical navigation that allows you to quickly change sizes with just a few clicks.  This digital pipette also saves frequently used protocols to reduce errors and streamline workflows. All the Rainin E4 XLS pipettes are GLP and GMP compliant, with password protection, and service alarms, as well as RFID tag aids. These Rainin Mettler Toledo E4 XLS Digital Pipettes have a volume range of 20µl to 200µl in the 8 Channel pipette, and 2-20ul in the single and comes with a convenient charging stand. Please note these electronic pipettes use LTS tips, available from Rainin.

Rainin E4 XLS Electronic Pipette Specifications:

Volume Range   

20 µL – 200 µL,


0.2 µL


 20 µL;

100 µL;

200 µL

Accuracy ± (%) (µl) 

2.5 % / 0.5 µL ;

0.8 % / 0.8 µL ;

0.8 % / 1.6 µL

Precision ± (%) (µl)

1 % / 0.2 µL ;

0.25 % / 0.25 µL ;

0.15 % / 0.3 µL



Volume Range

2 µL –20 µL


0.02 ul


2 µL;

10 µL;

20 µL


7.5 % / 0.15 µL ;

1.5 % / 0.15 µL ;

1 % / 0.2 µL


2 % / 0.04 µL ;

0.5 % / 0.05 µL ;

0.3 % / 0.06 µL



  • Rainin E4 XLS Single Channel Pipette (2-20ul)
  • Rainin E4 XLS Multi Pipette Eight Channel (20-200µl)
  • Rainin E4 XLS Charging Stand
  • 115V Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty
  • Please note these electronic pipettes use LTS tips

Thiese Rainin E4 XLS Pipettes have been fully tested by our service department and are ready to ship. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty.  If you have any questions about our used lab equipment listings, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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