Thermo Cimarec Magnetic Stirrer 7 x 7

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The Thermo Cimarec Magnetic Stirrer offers you consistent, quiet stirring even with viscous solutions. The smooth ceramic top of this magnetic stirrer is scratch resistant, and easy to care for, free of seams and resistant to chemicals. The bright white color of the plate of this magnetic mixer offers better visibility to monitor progress. This magnetic mixer uses a direct drive motor and strong magnetic coupling to ensure the stir bar stays consistent, and microprocessor controlled feedback optimizes the adjustable speed control. This magnetic stirrer also features Stir Trac braking that brings the stir bar to an immediate stop for quick flask removal. The Thermo Cimarec Magnetic Stirrer is low profile for stability, built of rugged aluminum for weight, can tolerate a load up to 15lbs, and has a speed range of between 50 and 1200 RPM. Any spills are quickly channeled away from the controls and interior components.

Thermo Cimarec Magnetic Stirrer Specifications:

Load Capacity

15 lbs/6.8 Kg

Plate Dimensions

7 x 7

Speed Range 

50-1200 RPM


120v, 60 Hz, 0.37 amps


14x8x4 inches


10 lbs




  • Thermo Cimarec Magnetic Stirrer S131125
  • 115V Power Cord
  • 30 Day Warranty

This Thermo Cimarec Magnetic Stirrer has been thoroughly inspected and is performing to expectations. All of our lab equipment comes backed with out standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact us.

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