Thermo Fiberlite F9-6x1000 LEX Rotor NEW IN BOX

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The Thermo Fiberlite F9-6 x 1000 LEX is a carbon fiber rotor used in various Sorvall Centrifuge Lynx systems.  This light weight fixed angle rotor has a max capacity of six liters and tops out at speeds of 9,000 RPM.  These unique carbon rotors come with an Auto Lock feature which improves on centrifuge safety.  The design allows the user to secure, remove and exchange rotors in less than three seconds with its push button design.  

Built into the base of the Thermo Fiberlite F9-6 x 1000 LEX carbon rotor is a magnet which allows the centrifuge to auto identify to the rotor immediately upon installation.  The design of the Fiberlite F9-6 x 1000 LEX Sorvall centrifuge rotor, gives you the flexibility to use 1.5ml up to 500ml adapters.  Now scientists can do a lot with one rotor by swapping out adapters for different size labware.  The Thermo Fiberlite rotor has an RCF range of 5,886 x g up to 17,568 x g.  This rotor retails new for $19,999.00 and can be yours for a fraction of the cost.  Contact us today to learn more about our used Thermo and Sorvall Centrifuge systems.

Min. RCF5,886 x g
Max. RCF17,568 x g
Max. Speed9,000rpm
Max. Capacity6 x 1,000mL (adapters available for 1.5 to 500ml)
Radius (Metric) Max.194mm
Radius (Metric) Min.65mm
MaterialCarbon fiber composite
K Factor3,415
TypeFixed Angle Rotor for Sorvall Centrifuge
Dimensions21” x 21” x 21” in original box (box dimensions)

  • f9-6 X 1000 LEX Superspeed Rotor Cat# 096-061075-00 NEW IN BOX
  • One Liter Bottle Inserts with Caps (6qty)
  • OEM Certificate of Conformity
  • Operator's Guide
  • Sorvall Centrifuge Rotor Bag
  • Original Packaging
  • Warranty

This listing is for a new in the box Thermo Fiberlite rotor.  This easy to use push lock superspeed rotor can be used with the Sorvall Lynx centrifuge systems.  Item is ready to ship with a 1-3 business day turnaround time.

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