Thermo Invitrogen Neon MPK5000 Transfection System

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The Thermo Invitrogen Neon MPK5000 Transfection System provides a fast and reliable delivery system of nucleic acid to mammalian cell types in this open, and flexible system. This cell transfection system is efficient to use thanks to the success with up to 90% of cell types, including established cell lines, stem cells, primary cells and cells that are difficult to transfect. The success is derived from the innovative reaction chamber of this transfection system, that generates a more uniform electric field than conventional electroporation. The biologically compatible tips used by the Neon System can be selected for either large or small-scale processing, handling as few as 2 × 104 cells and as many as 6 × 106 per reaction. The open system design of this cell transfector allows users to optimize freely to suit their needs, and with a single reagent kit for all cell types, this instrument couldn’t be easier. This transfection machine is simple to use and navigate with touch screen control that guides users through a quick set up, then they can begin a 3 step process. Simply draw the cells and plasmid into the pipette, plug the Neon pipette holder, begins, transfection happens within the pipette.

Thermo Invitrogen Neon MPK5000 Transfection System Specifications:

Current Limit:

3.0-6.0 A

Voltage Limit:

0.5-2.5 kV

 Input Voltage:

100-240 VAC

Power Limit:

300 W

Reaction Time:

1 sec

Sample Loading Volume:

Kit Dependent

Sample Type (Specific):

Plasmid DNA, Synthetic siRNA

Serum Compatible:


Starting Material (Cell #):

2x10^4 - 6 x10^8 cells; Varies by cell type






100-240v, 21.A, 150W, 50/60Hz


  • Thermo Invitrogen Neon MPK5000 Transfection System 
  • Pipettor Accessory (not in box)
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • 115V Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Thermo Invitrogen Neon MPK5000 Transfection System has been fully inspected and is in great condition. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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