Thermo Matrix 12.5ul 8-Channel Pipette

  • The Thermo Matrix 8 Channel Pipette provide an easy to use, programmable pipetting experience
  • The Thermo Matrix 8 Channel Pipette is intuitive as a manual pipette
  • The Thermo Matrix 8 Channel Pipette will store up to 5 pipetting programs each with up to 40 steps
  • The Thermo Matrix 8 Channel Pipette has as a scratch pad function for changes on the fly
  • The Thermo Matrix 8 Channel Pipette can be tailored to best and most effectively suit your needs
  • The Thermo Matrix 8 Channel Pipette are color coded for quick identification
  • The Thermo Matrix 8 Channel Pipette with the extendable range are simple to adjust, with a twist of the handle at the base
  • The Thermo Matrix 8 Channel Pipette features a special function key, activated with a pipette tip



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The Thermo Matrix 8 channel pipette provide high throughput, programmable and precise dispensing. This multiple channel pipette is ideal for applications such as filling micro well plates quickly and easily with extendable tip spacing to fit nearly any plate or vessel to help boost efficiency. The thermo matrix is fully programmable with multiple steps, and functions such as aspirate, mix and dispense, all of which can be chained together. Users can customize up to 5 programs, each with 40 steps to tailor the experience to their needs. The thermo matrix is also comfortable to hold for long periods with light weight, perfect balance and neutral wrist position allowing uses to sit closer to the bench. The digital key pad to the Matrix pipette is intuitive to read and program, and features a special function key, activated with a pipette tip, giving you access to more advanced options like pipette speed, paced dispensing, calibrations, and even adjusting the volume of alerts. This 12.5 ul pipette is designed to eliminate thumb use and reduce strain when ejecting tips with a soft touch index finger trigger and stepped ejector plate, users avoid hyperextension. at his electronic pipette also conserves power and can be used while recharging.

Thermo Matrix 8 Channel Electronic Pipettes Specifications:

12.5 µl



8 Adjustable

Volume Range

0.50-12.50 µl

Min Programmable Vol

0.05 µl




2.5%/0.15 µl


2.0%/0.15 µl

  • Thermo Matrix 12.5ul Multi-Channel Digital Pipette 
  • 120V Rechargeable Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty
  • Please note, stand is NOT included

This Thermo Matrix 12.5ul Multi-Channel Digital Pipette has been fully inspected and is operating without issue. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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