Thermo Mircom HM 325 Rotary Microtome

  • The Mircom HM 325 S Rotary Microtome has a thickness range of 0,5 µm up to 60 µm
  • The Mircom HM 325 S Rotary Microtome is available from The Lab World Group, sellers of top notch used lab equipment
  • The Mircom HM 325 S Rotary Microtome features high precision mechanics, combined with digital control
  • The Mircom HM 325 S Rotary Microtome lets users decide how to get the best possible sectioning results
  • The Mircom HM 325 S Rotary Microtome has three settings for speed in coarse speed movement
  • The Mircom HM 325 S Rotary Microtome has a course adjustment hand wheel
  • The Mircom HM 325 S Rotary Microtome has specimen retraction that can be turned on and off as needed
  • The Mircom HM 325 S Rotary Microtome ensures rapid, precise specimen movement to the knife and trimming avoiding accidentally cutting off too much
  • The Mircom HM 325 S Rotary Microtome has a quick-change function, with an easy snap in
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The Mircom HM 325 S Rotary Microtome delivers high section stability and precise sectioning for both paraffin and manual hard sectioning techniques in one easy to use instrument. This rotatory microtome can be used by either left or right-handed operators, and lets users choose from a thickness range of between 0,5 µm and 60 µm. The thickness is constantly monitored in a digital window just to the side for quick sight checks. The Mircom HM 325 S features zero backlash vertical movement with specimen retraction for easy ribboning and an increase in the overall quality of section. The Mircom Microtome features a mechanical positioning feed mechanism, a smooth running handwheel, electronic sectioning counter, one handed fine orientation with zero positioning, and a flat design meant to ensure avoidance of artifacts, even at high cutting forces. The Microm HM 325 S has a simplified design that reduces the number of confusing levers. The unique knife carrier system lets users choose the right knife for the job, and is simple to set up, orienting levers to either the left or right side for comfortable use, and all compatible knives come with finger guards for user safety. The removable waste tray with ergonomic arm rests, makes for quick, effortless clean up. Specimens in this rotary microtome can be rotated 360°, oriented at a universal 8°, and can be changed with one hand.

Mircom HM 325 S Rotary Microtome Specifications:

Sectioning Range

0.5 to 60µm

from 0 … 2 µm in 0,5 µm- increments

from 2 …10 µm in 1 µm- increments

from 10…20 µm in 2 µm- increments

from 20…60 µm in 5 µm- increments

Vertical Specimen Feed

64 mm

Horizontal Specimen Feed

28 mm

Specimen orientation

universal 8°, can be rotated 360°


18 x 21 x 12”


80 lbs

  • Thermo Microm HM325 Rotary Microtome
  • Head with Blade Holder and Locking Pins
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Rotary Microtome has been fully inpected and is operating without issue all of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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