Thermo NanoDrop 8000 Spectrophotometer

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The Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 8000 is a reliable absorbance spectrophotometer used for a wide range of applications.  This small and easy to use design of this nanospectrophotometer can measure 1 to 8 microvolume samples within a single run.  The sample retention time on the Thermo NanoDrop can value the purity and concentration as small as 1µl. The NanoDrop 8000 from Thermo Scientific is ideal for researchers working with DNA, RNA, proteins and toxicology assays.  Samples can measure an entire 96 well sample plate in under six minutes and requires no dilution.  The user-friendly software of this uv vis spectrophotometer comes with built-in methods for DNA, Pierce 660, Bradford, Protein A280, Microarray, BCA, Lowery, Protein and Labels. 


The Nanodrop 8000 software even allows you to quickly export your data and convert them for reporting through a convenient USB communication cable.  The sleek design of the Thermo NanoDrop makes this a highly desirable UV-Vis Spectrophotometer among researchers. The Nanodrop 8000 has a wavelength range of 220 – 750 nm and runs at 260nm for DNA and RNA.  If you’re analyzing purified proteins with the NanoDrop, then 280 nm is suitable.  Optical Density can be measured at 600 nm, while Toxicology assays and industrial dyes are running at 490nm.  Contact us today to learn more about our Thermo Scientific Nanodrop 8000 Spectrophotometer.

Thermo Scientific Nanodrop 8000 Spectrophotometer Specifications:

Sample size

1 µl

Sample Number

up to 8

Path lengths

1 mm and 0.2 mm

Light Source

Xenon flash lamp

Detector Type

2048-element linear silicon CCD

Wavelength range

220-750 nm

Wavelength accuracy

1 nm

Wavelength resolution

3 nm (FWHM at Hg 546 nm)

Recommended Sample Volume, Nucleic acid

1 µl

Recommended Sample Volume, Proteins

2 µl

Absorbance Precision

0.003 absorbance (1 mm path)

Absorbance Accuracy

3% (at .74 absorbance at 350 nm)

Absorbance Range

0.05-75 (10 mm equivalent absorbance)

Detection Limit

2.5 ng/µl (dsDNA)

Maximum Concentration

3700 ng/µl (dsDNA)

Measurement Cycle Time

20 seconds (for 8 samples)

Dimensions (footprint)

24 cm X 32 cm


3.4 kg



  • Thermo Nanodrop 8000
  • Windows 7 Notebook with ND 8000 2.3.2 Software
  • USB Communication Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Operator's Guide
  • Calibration Report
  • 30-Day Warranty

Gently used Thermo Nanodrop 8000 spectrophotometer for sale.  Instrument has been calibrated by our service department, includes report and warranty.  If you have any questions about our used nanodrop systems, please give us a call.

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