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The [b]NESLAB RTE-111[/b] [b]refrigerated bath chiller circulator[/b] offers powerful cooling and heating, expansive temperature ranges, and sophisticated controller technology. These robust, compact units offer precise temperature stability and high reliability for external circulation and in-bath applications. A versatile combination force and suction pump provides the pressure necessary to circulate fluid long distances to both open containers and closed loop systems. This gives users the flexibility to meet a wide range of application needs. This [b]RTE 111[/b] Bath Circulator by [b]NESLAB[/b] provides excellent agitation in the bath for improved uniformity and stability. The controller technology ensures that the RTE 101 performs at its peak. This [b]NESLAB RTE-111[/b] chiller bath circulator has a temperature range of -25°C to +150°C (302°F)(Digital/Microprocessor), Flow Pumping Capacity 15L/min., Force/Suction Pump, with Stainless Steel Bath, 7 liters (1.9 Gallons), 115V 60Hz, 12A. [b]Thermo Neslab RTE-111 Recirculating Chiller System Specifications:[/b]

Temperature Range-25°C to 150°C | -13°F to 302°F
Cooling Capacity 500 Watts at 20°C | 68°F
Temperature Stability±0.01°C
Heater800 Watts
Pumping Capacity15 liter per minute at 0' head max | head 16' (4.9m)
Bath Volumne 1.9 Gallons | 7.0 Liters
Bath Work Area4.75 x" 8" x 6" inches | 12.1 x 20.3 x 15.2 (cm)
Dimensions 25" x 10.5" x 15.75" inches | 63.5 x 26.2 x 40.3 (cm)
Power115 VAC | 60Hz | 12A
Weight86lbs. | 39kg.

  • [b]Neslab RTE-111[/b] Digital Refrigerated Recirculating Water Bath | S/N# 10017806
  • Stainless Steel Lid
  • Digital Instruction Manual
  • Warranty

This Thermo Scientific Neslab RTE-111 refrigerated recirculating chiller comes fully tested to meet factory specification. Contact the LabWorld Group today at 617-999-5746 with questions about this used recirculating water bath.

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