Thermo Savant SPD2010 SpeedVac System

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  • Thermo Savant SPD2010 Speed Vac System used for a variety of lab applications
  • Thermo Scientific Savant SPD2010 Speed Vacuum System used for research and development labs,
  • Thermo Savant speed vac system used for vacuuming out samples,
  • Thermo Scientific Savant Vac Concentrator used for DNA applications
  • Thermo Scientific Savant SPD2010 rotary evaporator used for speed vac applications
  • Thermo Scientific Savant SPD2010 evaporator used for lab applications
  • Thermo Scientific Savant SPD2010 used for R&D applications
  • Thermo Scientific Savant SPD2010 can handle deepwell microplates as well depending on the rotor
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Thermo Scientific Savant SPD2010 is an integrated speedvac system which can be used to dry and concentrate both aqueous and non-aggressive samples quickly and cost efficient. The SPD2010 speed vac systems are easy as plugging in to install and have a small foot print and are quiet running. The Savant SPD2010 is ideal when drying DNA/RNA precipitates and can be done in either plates or tubes with interchangeable rotors. You can also use the system for PCR samples in water/ethanol or isopropanol and drying oligonucleotides. 

The Thermo Scientific Savant SPD2010 completely include four distinctive components: concentrator bowl, refrigerated trap, vacuum gauge and a diaphragm pump. It’s capacity is up to 500mL and it features a joined design built for easier plug-in and control.  The Model SPD2010 by Thermo Scientific is easily programmable and includes a digital display for examining and setting parameters (time, temperature vacuum). The Savant SPD2010 speed vac also includes a vacuum control for vacuum ramping and extreme level setting to amend drying times and to prevent bumping of various solvent mixtures. The making setup and installation is easy because it has an all-in-one design.

The Thermo Scientific Savant SPD2010 speed vac comes with dual timers for autonomous control of heater and run time. It also provides an oil-free vacuum source, which prevents the need to add/change oil and a standard PTFE-coated Chamber. The SPD2010 model provides a luminous cover for chemical resistance and added heat source (enhanced drying times. It also includes a standard glass safety lid. The solvent and solvent combinations the Thermo Scientific Savant SPD2010 supplies are: Acetonitrile, Ethanol, Methanol, Methylene Chloride, Water, Acetonitrile and Water, and Methanol and Water. The Thermo Scientific Savant SPD2010 is recommended for HPLC fractions with water/o.1% trifluoroacetic acid and reversed-phase SPE eluents. Thermo Scientific provides a wide variety of products for any area in the lab. The Thermo Savant SPD2010 comes from a long line of reliable products. 

Thermo Scientific SPD2010 Speed Vac System Specifications:

Temperature Range

45° to 80°C (Metric)  




1.5 to 500mL flasks and shallow-well and deep-well microplates


30 Liter / minute at 50/60Hz

Maximum Vacuum 

7 Torr (9 mbar)

Vacuum Control

30 to 5.1 torr

Pump Type

ETFE oil-free diaphragm pump ramp rate 1 to 5




200 lbs


220v, 60Hz, 8amps


  • Thermo Savant SPD2010 SpeedVac System
  • RH200-12 Rotor (1.5mL microtubes, 12 x 75mm,  or 13 x 100mm glass and plastic tubes)
  • 220V Power Cord 
  • RVT Cold Trap Jar
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Thermo Savant SPD2010 Speed Vac system has been thoroughly tested and is currently ready to be shipped. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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