Thermo Savant Speedvac Plus System with RVT4104 Refrigerated Vapor Trap

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The Thermo Savant SpeedVac Plus SC210A provides centrifugal evaporation for rapid drying and concentration of DNA and RNA samples, analytes and residues in aqueous and organic solvents. By using centrifugal force, this concentrator prevents foaming or bumping of samples during the evaporation process, avoiding sample loss and enabling superior analyte recovery. This speedvac system includes an integrated bleeder valve for automated vacuum application, and comes equipped with a standard exhaust port.  The SC210A concentrator is constructed out of corrosive resistant Teflon material which provides a long-lasting year of use. The speedvac plus is an ideal choice for applications such as concentrating or drying oligonucleotides, ethanol precipitates of DNA, hydrolysates of proteins, chromatography fractions, solid phase eluants, liquid/liquid extracts, and samples for analysis by HPLC, GC/MS, immunoassay, and bioassay. The chamber of this centrifugal concentrator heats to counteract the cooling of evaporates, and allows users to select between low (ambient), medium (43°C) or high (65°C) rates. The SC210A is capable of holding up to 200 x 1.5ml tubes, this unit comes with a RH50-2860 rotor that holds 50 scintillation vials (28x58 mm)

The Thermo Savant SC210A Plus SpeedVac Plus comes partnered with a RVT4104 Refrigerated Vapor Trap effectively condenses and traps a wide variety of solvent vapors that can contaminate and degrade vacuum pump oil. The RVT4104 vapor trap from Thermo Scientific delivers an easy, safe and practical way to protect high vacuum, oil-sealed pumps in vacuum evaporation systems. The Savant RVT4104 ultra-low temperature refrigerated vapor trap includes a built-in temperature gauge and vacuum pump interlock to protect the pump from accidental contamination. The RVT4104 Refrigerated Vapor Trap has a 4L capacity; ultra-low -104°C temperature traps high volatile solvents. 0.5" ID connecting hose is a consumable and is not included.  This Thermo Scientific RVT4104 refrigerated vapor trap system is great for labs using highly volatile solvents including hexane, chloroform, acetone, and methylene chloride. 

SpeedVac Plus Concentrator System Specifications:

SC210A Temperature Settings

3 Pre-sets: ambient, 43°C, 65°C

SC210A Dimensions (L x W x H)

18.0” x 25.0” x 18.0” (46 cm x 62.0 cm x 46 cm)

SC210A Weight 

86 lbs

SC210A Power

120v, 60hz, 9amps

Maximum Capacity

4 Liters




115V 50/60Hz

Dimensions (W x D x H)

26x20x13 inches


150 lbs

  • SpeedVac Plus Concentrator
  • RVT4104 Refrigerated Vapor Trap with Glass Trap
  • Vacuum Pump with Hose and Clamps
  • RH50-2860 Sample Rotor
  • 120V Power Cords
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty

This SpeedVac Plus Concentrator has been fully inspected and is performing great. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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