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The Thermo UV-10 is a robust scanning UV-Vis Spectrophotometer used for a wide variety of assays.  This easy to use spectrophotometer can be used for simple quantitative analysis, water testing, quality control, R&D, academia along with food and beverage applications.  The Thermo UV10 features a 1.8nm, high resolution dual beam optics systems.  This allows for instant measurement of the sample with real time reference beam correction, delivering accurate data. 

The sleek design of this UV spectrophotometer takes up minimal bench space, which is great for labs battling for real estate. The Thermo UV10 spectrometer works off a long-lasting Xenon lamp which delivers an entire wavelength range of 190-1100nm.  These superior lamps have a shelf life of 5-7 years which make for minimal maintenance.  The uv vis spectrometer comes with control software and built in protocols used for a wide range of assays.  Contact us today to learn more about our Thermo UV-10 Spectrophotometer.

Thermo UV10 UV Vis Spectrophotometer Specifications:

Wavelength Range

190–1100 nm

Photometric Accuracy

0.5% of reading

Photometric range

–0.1 to 3.0 A; 0.3 to 125%T

Visible Range Wavelength

325–1100 nm

Spectral Bandwidth

5 nm (Vis), 1.8 nm (UV-Vis)

Stray Light


RMS Noise

\<0.001 A at 0 A; \<0.002 A at 2 A


115V 50/60Hz


18” x 16” x 9” 


20 lb

  • Thermo UV10 Spectrophotometer
  • Single Cell Holder
  • Windows 7 Notebook with Visionpro 
  • Operator's Guide
  • Communication Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Warranty

The Thermo UV-10 UV Vis Spectrophotometer has been fully checked out by our service team.  We used our own references to ensure the spectrometer was performing up to the factory specification.  Instrument is a complete turn-key system and ships within three business days.  Contact us with any questions regarding our used lab instruments.

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