Shipping Services From The Lab World Group

Shipping Services From The Lab World Group

The Lab World Group offers online ordering and delivery of lab equipment nationwide and shipping around the globe. After purchase, our instruments are put through a rigorous quality check and validation, which we then provide as accompanying documentation with your order. We also include important information such as steps to take before powering on, as well as installation report. Turn around time is typically within 3 business days. We are close to  BostonCambridge, and deliver to our surrounding neighbors in New England, The Mid West, and from East Coast to West Coast.

Our experienced team custom packages each instrument for transport, ensuring loads are properly balanced, including moisture barriers or static-free wrapping as needed, paying careful attention to the requirements of delicate lab instruments and equipment. We use a special foam molding for all of the instruments to create a safe cushion for transport.  Using proper shipment methods, we ensure the instrument is handled properly and are delivered in good working order.

Our team, collectively, has been shipping used lab equipment for nearly two decades and know the best way to protect a purchase, while also keeping an eye on the cost. We communicate every step of the process, including the rare occasion of a delay, so customers know when their equipment will arrive.  Items arrive either through our trusted freight partners or via our local fleet of climate-controlled delivery vehicles. The Lab World Group is also familiar with international shipping forms and regulations. From start to finish you can feel confident in your lab’s new arrival.


We service Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut, South Carolina. New York City and State, New Jersey, Delware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia , IllinoisGeorgia, Los Angeles , Ohio, MichganWashington State, WisconsinOregon and everywhere in between!

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