Used Lab Equipment On Sale

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

For many start-up labs, embarking on a new research project can be exciting. There are discoveries to be made, people to be helped, and problems to be solved. Before them lies endless possibility and potential. However, as the project moves from the initial question and into the testing phase, the cost of setting up a proper lab can get very high, very fast. Funding is rarely abundant and soon lab managers are faced with tough decisions.  So if you're underfunded, where do you turn?


New Life for Used Lab Equipment

Over the last 15 years, a niche industry has risen to meet that demand; used laboratory equipment.  As the biotech industry grows, demand for second-hand lab equipment increases and has jumped nearly 7% over the last decade. In its infancy, the used lab equipment market began with foraging dumpsters outside of science and technology companies. Those with a good eye could retrieve functional used lab machines and peripherals.  It's now matured and expanded to gently used inventory directly sourced.

Refurbished lab equipment can come from manufacturers, or from dealers as overstock, or sometimes from laboratory liquidations. Companies like The Lab World Group, connect buyers with the used lab equipment saving the consumer significant money over their brand new counterparts, sometimes as much as half the cost. The money saved can then be reinvested into the project. 

It’s not just new labs on a shoestring budget that benefit from the refurbished lab equipment. Established Labs can also feel the financial pinch. Labs often need to choose which equipment will have to stretch for another year and what must be replaced, sometimes that can put the productivity at risk.  Saving money with refurbished lab equipment can extend the life of the project and keep things on track.

How do you know if it works?

Working with a reputable dealer is key, as reliability could be a gamble.  The Lab World Group’s highest priority is vetting its inventory of laboratory equipment. That means taking the time to double-check the used lab instruments as they come in, making any necessary repairs, testing the functionally for an extended period, then having them professionally decontaminated and certified prior to resale. All of these steps provide assurances to both the buyer and the seller.  A properly refurbished and the vetted machine can keep operating for years. Used lab instruments enjoy a return rate half that of the brand new machines, saving time and costly shipping.

Buying used lab instruments has a very real ecological impact as well. Electronic waste is a growing problem in the US, especially as the biotech market continues to grow.  Second life in a new lab keeps a reliable tool out of a landfill and minimizes ground contamination. Extending the life cycle of these used biotech instruments is a great way to curb some of that waste. Participating in the used lab equipment life cycle doesn’t just benefit the buyer. Labs looking to free up space, and clear our surplus supplies, can recoup some of their initial investments and regain some capital.

The Lab World Group facilitates a variety of options for laboratories looking to unload their used lab equipment. From brokerage where the equipment stays at the facility, acting as the broker with an intense marketing campaign to aid in the purchase and sale of the used lab equipment.  Offers can be accepted or rejected on a continual basis.  If a lab chooses to consign their used laboratory equipment, it will be relocated to a temperature-controlled environment where The Lab World Group will hold on to until a purchase and sale have been finalized.  

Lastly, there is the option of an outright sale.  The Lab World Group will organize the pickup, packaging, and shipment of the used lab instrument once an agreement has been put into place. For many reasons, it just makes good business sense to explore used lab equipment at the outset and work with a dealer you can trust.  If you have a lab equipment list you would like to share please don't hesitate to contact us. For the most up to date information on our current inventory, please visit our lab equipment for sale page.  See also our blogs about what to look for in a used lab equipment dealer and the various categories of second-hand lab equipment we offer for more information.