GE AKTA Purifier 10 FPLC System

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The GE AKTA Purifier 10 is a flexible modular fast protein liquid chromatography system. AKTA Chromatography systems have been staple in protein purification for the past two decades and used throughout the globe.  The AKTA Purifier 10 operates at flow rates of 0.001 to 10 ml/min, with pressures ranging from 0 to 25 mpa. This set up creates a lower flow rate but at a higher pressure required for running high resolution analyses. System configurations can be designed to meet the labs needs with fast reliable separations of proteins, peptides and nucleic acids by FPLC.  

AKTAdesign automation kits can be combined with the four available core systems to create a custom solution to purification needs. Tthe AKTA Purifier 10 is a compact solution with swivel mounted platforms allowing for easy access to each of the systems. Columns are individually snapped into place or groups held together in column holders. The AKTA Purifier 10 core systems include enable inline detection of specifically labeled products via user-selected multi-wavelength UV-Vis detection. The Monitor UPC-900 multi-wavelength monitor can be used to detect contaminants at higher sensitivity wavelengths as well.  Contact us today to learn more about our brand new GE AKTA Purifier 10 FPLC System

GE AKTApurifier 10 System Specifications:

Flow rate range10 0.001 to 10 ml/min
Pressure range10 0 to 25 MPa
Flow rate range 100 0.01 to 100 ml/min
Pressure range100 0 to 10 MPa
Conductivity range1 µS/cm to 999.9 mS/cm
pH range2 to 12
Temperature range4°C to 40°C
Power115V 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H)19” x 18” x 24”  
Weight165 lb.

  • GE AKTA Purifier 10 FPLC System
  • UPC-900 Detector
  • P-900 Pump
  • Brand New Hg Lamp Installed on 12/26/16
  • 254nm & 280nm Filters
  • Flow Cell
  • M925 with 2ml Mixing Chamber
  • INV907 Injection Valve
  • CU950 Communication Converter
  • Brand New Tubing Installed
  • Windows 7 Notebook with Unicorn 3.51
  • IQ Validation Report
  • Operator's Manual
  • 30-Day Warranty

This instrument has been fully serviced.  We installed brand new tubing and new 2ml mixing chamber.  In addition, we installed a brand new Hg lamp on 12/26/16 and ran calibration on the system multiple times to ensure it was performing up to factory specification.  Attached in the images is a copy of the installation test performed on 01/23/17.  System has been calibrated and is ready to ship.  

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