Biosafety Cabinets, biological safety cabinets or BSC are designed to provide personnel a safe workspace when working with bio-contaminants, or materials potentially contaminated with pathogens, each at well-defined levels of containment. Class I and Class II biological safety cabinets are built for use with biosafety levels 1, 2 and 3 containment, while the different types indicate the level of ventilation and exhaust required. Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinets recirculate up to 70% of the air through the interior and 30% exhaust air into the environment or through a canopy after passing through dedicated HEPA filters. Class II Type B2 Biosafety cabinets are intended for total exhaust, hard ducted to the outside after passing through a HEPA filtration system, while a type C1 system will give you the option to convert between the two. A Class 1 BSC offers user and environment protection, without laminar flow and product protection. We have carried biosafety cabinets, dead air boxes, balance enclosures and PCR workstations from Labconco, NuAire, Thermo Scientific and more.