What The Lab World Group Delivers – Quality That Makes the Difference

The Lab World Group connects buyers with high quality used lab equipment from brand name manufacturers that have been fully tested through our rigorous vetting process. We acquire stock from manufacturers, or from dealers as overstock, or sometimes from laboratory liquidations. By purchasing used laboratory equipment, lab supplies, and refurbished scientific instruments, companies can save significant money over brand new counterparts, sometimes as much as half the cost. We generally always have inventory built by Thermo Scientific, Fisher Scientific, VWR, New Brunswick, Eppendorf, Biorad, BioTek, Airclean, Labconco, and much more.

We also offer solutions for laboratories looking to downsize their surplus lab equipment. Whether its downsizing or a facility closure we have options to help regain some of the initial costs, we're one of the best places to sell used lab equipment. From consignment to lab equipment auctions, liquidations, and outright purchases of your used instruments. Our goal is to get the best outcome for a lab and their used lab equipment inventory.  All the equipment seen for sale on our site is in stock, passed a quality control inspection with a full PM ensuring clean bill of health and ready to ship.  All orders ship within 1-3 business days from receipt. Whether you are looking to save on used lab equipment or have questions about our inventory of used laboratory equipment, we are here to help.  We buy used lab instruments throughout the globe and can make offers within the same business day.  Contact us today and save big.

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