Bioreactors and Fermenters give labs a controlled biologically active environment. Bioreactors are useful for applications in cell culturing, immobilizing cells or enzymes, producing vaccines and pharmaceuticals, or converting raw material into byproducts to be used in other applications. Bioreactor systems can be aerobic or anaerobic and have a variety of controls intended to homogenize and uniformly distribute control factors such as heat, pH, oxygen levels and other added gasses. Bioreactors from GE, Sartorius, Infors, and Chemglass offer users varying levels of throughput, contamination control, and granular control to fit the needs of the process. The GE Wave Bioreactors and Sartorius Biostat Wave Bioreactors design leverages single-use, closed system cell growth bags, and are modular, easy to clean and have digital control for a smaller scale, flexible option. While the stirred tank Chemglass systems allow users to scale up their culture volume production levels.