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Thermo Scientific created a great solution for those laboratories that need a reliable orbital shaker that can run for long periods for years on end without a problem. This orbital incubator shaker is great for cell culturing and sensitive cells that require protection from contamination. The Thermo Forma 420 Orbital Incubator shaker is robust and durable and hard shaking to cells and bacteria as needed. Thermo integrated the features available on many other models of their incubators to ensure that you can restrict access to unauthorized changes in the operating environment of the Forma 420.

The Forma 420 Thermo Shaking Incubator has a temperature range between 5ºC above ambient to 80ºC (176ºF) with control of ±0.1ºC, which is the widest temperature range in the industry. This temperature range in the incubator allows the Thermo Forma 420 the flexibility to perform a broad range of applications. The temperature uniformity of this lab incubator allows for optimum growth through the built-in hardware and software control. The Thermo 420 has a double wall insulated chamber for optimal controlled uniformity. The incubator shaker features twin blowers that keeps temperature uniformity between ±0.3C (in the flask). The Forma Model 420 also has microprocessor functions that can be easily changed and built in calibration functions right through the keypad. The system also has configurable alarms which can be audible or visual and allow you to monitor your sample carefully.

The Thermo Forma 420 Incubator Shaker also has the largest flask capacity of any benchtop incubator shaker in its price and size point. The Thermo 420 platform measures 18.0" x 18.0" and can accommodate up to six 2 liter flasks or four 2800ml flasks. In addition, the unit can be configured with many accessories for anything from plates to smaller flasks. The construction of the 420 Incubator Shaker itself is durable and resilient with a triple balanced counter mechanism with a lifetime warranty (by Thermo) on parts only. The lid of the 420 Incubator Shaker is made of molded clear acrylic and triple point reinforced to withstand years of use and avoid cracks and discoloration. All the electronics are located outside of the unit to ensure any liquids do not affect them during a spill.

Thermo Forma 420 Orbital Incubator Shaker Specifications:


25 to 525 RPM


± 1 RPM

Orbital Size

1.0 inch

Time Range

Continuous from 1 minute to 199 hours

Temperature Range

5°c above ambient to 80°C


115V 50/60Hz


24" x 29" x 21" 


185 lbs

  • Thermo Forma 420 Orbital Incubator Shaker 
  • Platform with flask & Plate Holders
  • 115V Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty

This listing is for a fully reconditioned Thermo Forma 420 Orbital Incubator Shaker.  Instrument has been tested and is performing up to factory specification.  System is ready to ship with a 1-3 business day lead time.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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