Thermo ST16 Benchtop Centrifuge

Thermo Scientific
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Thermo Scientific ST16 is a reliable benchtop centrifuge capable of reaching speeds of 15,200 RPM’s with a fixed angle rotor.  The intuitive microprocessor controls include nine presets for acceleration and deceleration protocols.  End users can program their own runs and save them into the memory bank of the Sorvall centrifuge. The sleek and light weight design allows you to put this Thermo centrifuge on a tabletop in your lab. The Thermo ST16 centrifuge comes with a click and seal four place swinging bucket rotor and aerosol lids, which are ideal for research applications working with contaminants.  The rotor features an auto locking mechanism with push button release, making it very easy to swap out rotors when needed.  Another great feature included with this Thermo Centrifuge is the SMARTspin technology which automatically detects rotor model and any imbalanced loads.  Contact us today to learn more about our Thermo Sorvall ST16 Benchtop Centrifuge.

Max Speed15,200 RPM
Max RCF25,830 x G
Max Capacity4 x 400 ml
Power120V 50/60Hz
Dimensions29” x 32” x 25”
Weight125 lbs 

  • Thermo Sorvall ST16 Centrifuge
  • TX-200 Rotor with Buckets 
  • Aersol Lids
  • Inserts
  • Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • Warranty

The Thermo Sorvall ST16 has been tested by our technician to ensure the centrifuge is performing up to factory specification.  Instrument includes rotor with four buckets and aerosol lids.  Centrifuge has a clean bill of health and is ready to ship.

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