New Brunswick Innova 4230 Refrigerated Heated Incubator Shaker

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The New Brunswick Innova 4230 Refrigerated/Heated Incubator Shaker features sturdy construction and the ultimate in flexibility. This CO2 Incubator has the capability to heat or refrigerate your samples to fit your needs and conditions and can be equipped with various accessories. The Innova 4230 is ideal for many applications, such as cell growth, hybridization and cell cultures. With a potent and responsive shaking system, this incubator shaker has you covered. The internal shaking system has a triple eccentric counter balanced drive system, with 9 sealed ball bearings, with a 3/4-inch orbit, and a variable speed range of 25 to 400 RPM (25-300 RPM if stacked). The drive system of this lab incubator also has a special acceleration control that prevents the sudden starting and stopping and helps minimize splashes.

The New Brunswick Innova 4230 Refrigerated/Heated Incubator Shaker cabinet interior is built out of heavy gauge stainless steel for easy cleaning with sturdy stainless steel shelves that can be used independently of the shaker platform for added incubation, and storage. Within this chamber is a waterproof AC receptacle to power accessory machines. The shaker platform of this CO2 Incubator can accommodate flasks from 10ml up to 6L, and tubes from 13mm to 30 mm, giving users high capacity and high flexibility in their cycles. The front opening door features double paned glass that allows users to observe progress while the internal environment undisturbed. Temperatures in this refrigerated/heated incubator shaker can be set from 20°C below ambient with a minimum of 4°C to maximum of 75°C for 50 Hz units or 80°C for 60 Hz units. This incubator is CFC Free, and has a safety feature that shuts off the shaker when the door is opened.

The New Brunswick Innova 4230 Refrigerated/Heated Incubator Shaker features self-diagnostics and various alarms to alert users to a deviation from their set points as well as when a cycle ends. Alarms are audible and visual and can be set with other parameters such as temperature control, timer, and speed from the lower easy to read control panel. This incubator shaker can either be used continuously or with timed cycles that can be programmed in increments of 0.1 hours, with a range of up to 99.9 hours. An overload and unbalanced sensor limits the speed to prevent accidental damage. 

New Brunswick Innova 4230 Refrigerated/Heated Incubator Shaker Specifications:



Audible & visible indicates when speed deviates ±5 rpm–audible alarm can be deactivated


±1 rpm–acceleration control minimizes splashing caused by sudden starts and stops


1 rpm increments


Triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive w/ 9 sealed for life, ball bearings


¾″(19 mm) circular


1/15 HP, 3-phase solid-state, brushless ball bearing DC motor


25–400 rpm, 25-300 rpm for stacked unit

Hour Timer

Programmable shaking continuous up to 99.9 hours programmable in 0.1 hr. increments–alarm sounds at end of shaking period



Audible & Visual–when temperature deviates > 1.0°C–audible alarm can be deactivated


15–35°C/Humidity–up to 90% non-condensing


±0.1°C—alternation between two setpoints programmable via electronic timer


Resistance w/ high temperature safety cutoff


20°C below ambient with a minimum of 4°C to maximum of 75°C for 50 Hz units or 80°C for 60 Hz units


1/5 HP/CFC-Free (R134A) Refrigerant


±.3°C NOM


Automatic restart

Setpoints & operating status retained by non-volatile memory–auto restart after power is restored

Unbalanced/ overload sensor

Limits speed automatically when unbalanced or overload condition is detected

 Chamber temperature

Heater shuts off if temperature exceeds operating range


Shaker Shuts Off Upon Door Opening



1500 Watts–120/100/200/240V–50/60 Hz


3 digit LED


360 lbs

Platform Dimensions

18″W x 18″L (457 mm x 457 mm)

Overall Dimensions

24.4″W x 28.7″L x 36.4″H (620 mm x 729 mm x 925 mm)

Chamber Dimensions

20½″W x 20½″L x 24.8″H (520 mm x 520 mm x 630 mm)


26 3/8″H x 22″W (670 mm x 559 mm)

Double Paned Glass Window

19 ¼’″H x 11 3/8″W (489 mm x 289 mm)

Internal AC Receptacle

200W AC–waterproof w/ mating connector–can be used w/ magnetic stirrer, spinner flask, rocker, roller & shakers

Fluorescent Interior Light

13 watt–provides illumination inside chamber

  • New Brunswick Innova 4230 Refrigerated/Heated Incubator Shaker 
  • Shelves
  • 120V  Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty

This New Brunswick Innova 4230 Refrigerated/Heated Incubator Shaker has been fully tested and calibrated by our service team.  We've run this unit at 4°C  for 1 hour and it performed to expectation. Unit also comes with a current temperature report. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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