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The Agilent 6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System provides you with a precise, fast acting system that simultaneously screens, confirms and quantifies analytes in up to 100 overlapping compounds. This LC/MS system features the Agilent Jet Stream technology that uses super-heated nitrogen to reduce noise and boost signals, for enhanced sensitivity and improved ion generation and desolvation. The enhanced sensitivity of this triple quad system makes it an ideal choice for a broad range of applications such as clinical research, and peptide quantitation, as well as environmental and food safety analysis.

The Agilent 6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System utilizes a triggered MRM (tMRM) to deliver an accurate quantitation of analytes present, even at extremely low levels, while fast polarity switching between positive and negative ions enables fast separation and high high-throughput multi-analyte studies. The 6460 QQQ also has dynamic MRM to help maximize efficiency by grouping MRMs in retention time windows instead of time segments, allowing users to quantify up to 4000 compounds in a single run to maximize up time.

The Agilent 6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System provides 1 ms dwell time with no collision cell cross talk, and achieves sensitivity and resolution specifications with autotune. The Autotune feature of this LC/MS system automates optimization of ion optics and mass axis calibration in both positive and negative ion modes, so you can feel confident in the accuracy. The 6460 Triple Quad also allows users full control of Agilent LC systems so that it’s not only ideal for standard LC, but also a terrific solution for UHPLC and nanoLC Chromatography. Being a single point of service means more time to concentrate on the work, and minimal delays. In addition, to our Agilent 6460 we also have an Agilent 6420 in stock right now.  CLICK HERE to see details.

Agilent 6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System Specifications:

MRM sensitivity Signal-to-Noise ratio (S/N) ESI positive

S/N > 10,000:1 Noise 1 × RMS

MRM sensitivity Signal-to-Noise ratio (S/N) ESI negative

S/N > 3,000:1 Noise 1 × RMS

Mass range m/z

5 – 3,000

Polarity switching

30 ms

Mass resolution (autotune) Full width at half maximum

0.7 Da

Mass resolution (manual tune) Full width at half maximum

0.5 Da

Mass accuracy

0.1 Da from 5 – 1,000 m/z 0.01% from 1,000 – 2,000 m/z 0.02% from 2,000 – 3,000 m/z

Mass stability

< 0.1 Da in 24 h

Dynamic range

> 6.0 × 106

Scan modes

MS scan, MS/MS product ion scan, MRM, MS/MS neutral loss/gain scan and precursor ion scan, SIM

Maximum scan rate

12,500 Da/s

Minimum MRM dwell time

1 ms

MRM transitions

450 per time segment > 13,500 ion transactions per method

Dynamic MRM transitions

4,000 ion transitions per method

Triggered MRM transitions

Up to 10 MRM transitions (primary and secondary) for library search and compound confirmation

Collision cell ion clearance

< 1 ms

Single point of control

Single-point data system method capability with full control of Agilent 1200 Series HPLC systems and 6460C Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System

Time programming

Polarity change in time segment • Scan and SIM or MRM (plus other modes of data collection) • Dynamic and triggered MRM aligns MRMs with compound retention time • Solvent divert through calibrant delivery system valve

Wide range of ionization sources • Electrospray (ESI) • APCI source (Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization) • Multimode source (simultaneous ESI and APCI) • APPI source (Atmospheric Pressure Photo Ionization)



Automated optimization of ion optics and mass axis calibration in positive and negative ion modes using a proprietary tune solution

Solvent declustering

Countercurrent gas Detector High-energy conversion dynode and high-gain electron multiplier horn

Vacuum system

Two turbomolecular pumps with one mechanical pump


  • Agilent 6460 Triple Quad Mass Spectometer G6460
  • Agilent 1290/1260 Infinity HPLC Components:
  • K1312B Bin Pump
  • K1312B Bin Pump
  • K4225A Vacuum Degasser
  • K1367E Autosampler
  • K1316C Thermostatted Column Compartment
  • K1330B Thermostat for Autosampler
  • Agilent MS40+ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
  • Vacuum Hose with Clamps
  • Windows 7 Mass Hunter Computer Workstation
  • Parker Balston Nitrogen Generator
  • PowerEdge Battery Backup
  • Waste Bottle
  • Power Cables
  • Communication Cables
  • Operator's Manuals
  • Tune Report

This listing is for a slightly used 2015/2016 Agilent LCMS System.  The Agilent 6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS system just came off a service contract and lease.   We're offering for almost a fraction of the price and comes with a long list of accessories.  System comes fully tuned and site inspections are welcomed.  

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