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The BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer offers users powerful, reliable, varied cell analysis of up to 10 different parameters (8 fluorescence and 2 scatter) with robust results and signal resolution. This multicolor flow cytometer has three lasers, blue red and violet, and 8 colors. This flow cytometer is very user friendly, guiding users through system set up, data acquisition and analysis, straight through to shutting the system down. These start up guides for this flow cytometer help users navigate managing configuration, qualifying performance, correction of spillover and characterizing fluorescence. The BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer uses streamlined software to offer predefined assays, or allow users to create their own using them as a jumping off point. This flow cytometer system is constantly monitoring itself to make sure it’s operating at peak performance, and alerting users to a potential issue before it becomes a problem.

The BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer features a unique optical system that employs 3 free-space lasers, designed to minimize light loss and pump up resolution in multicolor applications. This flow cytometry system also uses automated laser alignment, smart filter mirrors with built in memory chips, and a stainless flow cell that reduces bubbles and thermal expansion. The BD FACSVerse analyzer employs a vacuum based fluidic system that allows users total freedom in manual sample acquisition from nearly any tube configuration.  This fluidics system has two modes, a standard low, medium, high sample flow rate, and a high sensitivity flow rate for dimly stained particles.

The BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer utlizes a SIT design made up of a stainless outer probe and a high-performance polymer inner probe to draw in samples, even with smaller diameter formats. Samples for this flow cytometer can be input in a wide variety of formats, from 500ul microcentrifuge tubes to 50mL tubes all designed to fit in the same compact space. After acquisitions are complete, the sample injection tube is flushed to reduce carryover. 

BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer Specifications:

Blue laser Wavelength: 

488 nm Optical power: 20 mW Beam spot size: 9 μm x 63 μm 

Red laser Wavelength: 

640 nm Optical power: 40 mW Beam spot size: 9 μm x 63 μm 

Violet laser Wavelength: 

405 nm Optical power: 40 mW Beam spot size: 9 μm x 63 μm

Nominal acquisition rate 

35,000 events per second 


Less than or equal to 0.5% 

Sensitivity Nominal fluorescence sensitivity in Normal mode FITC:

 100 molecules of equivalent soluble fluorochrome (MESF-FITC) PE: 25 molecules of equivalent soluble fluorochrome (MESF-PE) APC: 50 molecules of equivalent soluble fluorochrome (MESF-APC)

Cuvette internal cross-section 

430 μm x 180 μm

Sample flow rates

Low: 12 μL/min

Medium: 60 μL/min

High: 120 μL/min

High sensitivity: 40–55 μL/min

Fluid capacity

Standard 5-L tanks

Sheath core stream fluid velocity

Normal: 5.4 m/s

High sensitivity: 2.7 m/s

Sheath fluid consumption

Normal: 13.6 mL/min

High sensitivity: 6.6 mL/min

Integrated cleaning cycles 

Daily Clean, Monthly Clean, SIT flush




 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 150W


121 lbs



  • BD Becton Dickinson FACSVerse 3 Laser 8 Color Flow Cytometer
  • Computer Workstation
  • BD FACSuite Software Disks with Dongle
  • 488nm Blue Laser for FITC/Alexa, 488/GFP, PE, PerCp Cy 5.5, PE Cy5/PI, PE Cy7
  • 640nm Red Laser for APC/Alexa 647, APC H7, APC Cy7
  • 405nm Violet Laser for V450/Pacific, Blue/DAPI, AmanCyan/Pacific, Orange/V500
  • Filters 700/54, 527/32, 783/56, 488/15, 586/24, 660/10, 783/56, 448/45, 528/45
  • Fluidics Cart
  • Samper Sipper
  • Communication Cables
  • Power Cables
  • Tubes
  • Operator's Manuals
  • 30-Day Warranty

This BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer has had a full work up and comes with a clean bill of health and current validation reports. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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