Beckman Vi-Cell XR - Cell Counter

  • The Beckman Vi-Cell XR Cell Counter is available from The Lab World Group
  • The Beckman Vi-Cell XR is a robust Cell Counter used for capturing cell viability
  • The Beckman Vi-Cell XR Cell Counter can analyze live and dead cells at the same time
  • The Beckman Vi-Cell XR Analyzer is a great way for beer manufacturers to go to market quicker
  • The Beckman Vi-Cell XR cell viability analyzers used tissue culture applications
  • The Beckman Vi-Cell XR cell viability analyzer comes with computer and software for quick analysis
  • The Beckman Vi-Cell XR Cell Counter on sale at The Lab World Group
  • The Beckman Vi-Cell XR is ideal for looking at cell size and cell viability
  • Beckman ViCell XR Validation with Computer and Software
  • The Beckman Vi-Cell XR Cell Viability Analyzer consistently counts CHO cells with accurate results




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The Beckman Vi-Cell XR Cell Counter is an automated cost effective means of determining cell concentrations and viability. This Beckman ViCell XR is a durable analyzer accessible to a wide range of skill levels. Performing trypan blue dye exclusion method precisely and accurately is essential to production of biopharmaceuticals and research concerning cell and tissue cultures applications like recombinant protein. The automated trypan blue staining procedure can also be customized to accommodate complex samples like yeast, or simpler systems like CHO cells.

The Vi-CELL XR Cell Viability Analyzer removes the variability that can occur with manual sample preparation by automating the process, allowing users to load up to 10 samples at once. The data collected during this process helps to maintain optimum culture conditions in bioreactors, and for basic tissue cell culture passage. The Beckman Vi-Cell XR Cell Counter and Viability Analyzer Control Software interface has been designed for ease of use, and flexibility with the capability for rapid, precise and reliable cell counting.The unit can be customized for many different cell species such as yeast cells, white blood cells, and CHO cells, as well as unusual cell species.

The cell type function takes into account a wide variety of cell parameters when cell counting like cell clumping, brightness, circularity, diameter and many others. Most all immediate information is posted on the main screen, from logging samples, real time cellular imaging results, bioprocess tracking. All available graphs on the Beckman Vi-Cell XR Cell Counter and Viability Analyzer are accessible from a drop down menu, including percent of viability, viable size distribution, and total cells per micro-liter. The Beckman Vi-Cell XR Cell Counter and Viability Analyzer also has an option in the software to generates electronic records, allowing them to be FDA compliant with the 21 CFR Part 11 rule. Electronic records such as audit trail, signature capability, user level permissions, secure user sign-on and administrative configuration tools. Contact us with questions about our Beckman ViCell XR Automated Cell Counter System.

Beckman Vi-Cell XR Cell Counter Specifications:


12 position autoloader

Sample Volume

0.5 mL


10°C to 40°C

Run Time Per Sample

< 2.5 minutes

Counting Accuracy

± 6%

Depth & Height

41 cm & 44.5 cm


1394 x 1040

Overall Analysis Range

Overall Analysis Range

Viability Range

0 to 100%

Concentration Range

5 x 10^4 to 1 x 10^7 cells/mL


120V-240V 50/60Hz

Dimensions (W x D x H)

15” x 19” x 19” 


36 lbs

  • Beckman Vi-Cell XR - Automated Cell Counter
  • Windows 7 Desktop with XR Software 
  • Camera Card with Cable
  • LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
  • Vi Cell XR Validation Report
  • Communication Cable
  • 120V Power Cord
  • Beckman Cell Counter User Manual
  • 30-Day Warranty
  • The Cell Counter has been fully tested and validated by our service team with clean bill of health.  Please reference pictures to view the validation report.  

The Beckman ViCell XR systems has been fully tested and is in excellent condition.  Our technician ran a concentration and bead focus kit through the automated cell counter to ensure product performance.  System ships within three days by freight.  If you have any quesions please feel free to give us a call.

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