BioTek ELx405UVS Microplate Washer

  • BioTek ELx405UVS microplate washer is available from The Lab World Group, buyers and sellers of quality used lab equipment
  • The Biotek ELx 405 select has become the industry leader of microplate washers
  • The BioTek ELx405UVS select microplate washer is specifically designed for those applications using magnetic bead technology
  • The BioTek ELx405UVS microplate washer come standard with BioTek's unique AutoPrime and AutoRinse functions
  • The BioTek ELx405UVS Microplate washer system includes 96 well washing, cell washing, buffer switching, biomagnetic separation and ultrasonic feature for sonicating your plates
  • The Biotek ELx405UVS features automatic buffer switching
  • The BioTek ELx405UVS microplate washer has a single manifold system
  • The BioTek ELx405UVS microplate washer uses cavitation to clean the inside and out
  • BioTek ELx405UVS microplate washer with BioStack Robot


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The BioTek ELx405UVS microplate washer is designed and manufactured by a leader in plate technology.  The ELX405UVS from Bio-Tek is built to wash 96 and 384 well plates, with a dual action manifold with 96 dispensing and aspirating tubes, and comes with automatic 4 buffer switching and ultra-sonic cleaning. This microplate washer is ideally suited for DNA sequencing labs looking for high efficiency. The vacuum filtration on this plate washer leaves nothing behind and comes with sample/waste bottles.  The ELx405UVS washer plate works with standard microplates and is a great solution for labs looking for solid bottom microplate washing.


The BioTek ELx405UVS incorporates an ultrasonic cleaning function and operates by rapidly creating and collapsing minute vacuum bubbles, creating an agitation that scrubs the inside and outside of the washer eliminating even heavy protein and salt build up. It’s recommended by BioTek that you prime, clean, sonication and then re-prime with rinse cycle each time so the ELx405 is ready to go for the next wash. This microplate washer is compatible with the BioStack BioRobot making this a great addition to any high-throughput (HTS) laboratories.  This reliable plate washer from BioTek has a built-in over-flow sensor for precision filling of microplates. In addition, the BioTek ELx405 comes equipped with prime, sonicate tubes and cleaning protocols built right into the control pane.

Biotek ELx405UVS Microplate Washer Specifications:

Vacuum filtration time range: 

5 to 999 seconds

Selectable: Approximate final at 30 seconds:

Lowest: -38 mmHg

Low: -113 mmHg

Medium: -200 mmHg

High: -390 mmHg

Highest: -506 mmHg



Flow Rates

High flow to low flow

Optimized rates for cell assays

Wash Speed

96-well: < 30 seconds: 3 aspirate / dispense cycles,

384-wells, 100 µL/well, 3 cycles: <80 seconds

Dispense Precision

≤3% CV: 300 µL/well (96-well washing)

Residual Volume

<2 µL/well (standard & deep well 96-well plates)

Supply bottle

4 L

Buffer/reagent Selection

Auto switching module for up to 4 buffers (option)

Wash Cycles

1 -10

Volume Range

50 to 3000 microliter increments

Manifold Types

96 tube dual action manifold


Programmable up to 60 minutes

Onboard Software

Create, edit and run multiple protocols


40 lbs


17x29x15 inches


100 to 204V, 50/60Hz, 8.0A

Microplate Types

96- and 384 well plates/strips

Low profile and standard height

Deep well plates up to 50 millimeters

  • Biotek ELX405UVS Plate Washer
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Waste & Reagent Bottles
  • 120V Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty

This BioTek ELx405UVS Microplate Washer has been thoroughly inspected and is free of clogs. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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