The Coolest College Lab of 2013

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Every wonder what it’s like to be a Particle Physicist, Electrical Engineer, or even Heliophysicist? Well at the University of Wisconsin, hundreds of students each year ponder this same questions. Some of the lucky ones are chosen to embark on a journey to the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in the South Pole for a research adventure.

Glow In The Dark Rabbits Created Using Jelly Fish DNA

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The transgenic bunnies were born last week. They are expected to live long, productive rabbit lives. They are not evil; they just glow bright green under a black light. They do not portend apocalypse, but rather a potential for great good. The road to their creation began years ago. Dr. Stefan Moisyadi works with transposing DNA vectors at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, where glowing mice were created in the 1980s.

Build Your Own Centrifuge For Under Fifty Dollars | DIY Centrifuge Project

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In one of the LabWorldGroup’s past blogs “How to Build Your Own PCR for Under $50 dollars” had such a great response from our readership; we thought we’d share this DIY centrifuge project. Below is an easy-to-follow five step instructions on how to build your own lab grade centrifuge in less than one hour for around fifty dollars. We hope you enjoy! For any gear head ready to tackle molecular biology, the centrifuge is an essential laboratory tool.

Watch A Stem Cell Grown Heart Beat For The First Time

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In 2008, a University of Minnesota study showed that the original cells from a rat heart could be completely flushed out of the heart's external structure in a process called decellularization, then replaced by newborn rat cells to regenerate a working heart. A similar process has now allowed Pitt scientists to grow working human heart tissue within the decellurized structure of a mouse heart.