Local Bay State Start-Up Teaches Children Importance of Cultivating Gardens & Good Nutritional Habits

The Green Dragons, Green Dragons Boston, Bay State Start-Up, Teaching Children Good Eating Habits, Planting Veggies, Urban Gardens

The Green Dragons project seeks to address the problems of diet-related diseases and poor fitness in our youth by combining food and martial arts education.  Gardening lessons paired with the physical and mental training of martial arts provide young people with tools for a life-long practice of personal and community empowerment.  In an era where low-quality, mass-produced food is a threat to our well-

Mice on Ice

TRPM8, University of California, David McKemy, mice on ice, pain medications

Wouldn't it be nice to not feel that blistering cold outside today?  That day may be closer than you think.  Recently, a group of neuroscientists at the University of California identified the neurons that transmit the sensation of cold.  They were then able to shut off these transmitters in a group of adult mice.

Biotech News: CD47 Antibody treatment shrinks or eliminates human cancer tumors

Nanoparticles, CD47, Stanford University

Artificial protein fragment could allow nanobeads to transport drugs where they're needed. A group of US researchers have discovered that small man-made peptides can help to sneak drug-bearing nanobeads past the ever-vigilant immune system. To work successfully, drugs and imaging agents need to get to the diseased cells or tumors where they’re needed most.