Changing Your Diet Could Decrease the Spread of Cancer

Researchers find compound found in certain foods can accelerate the spread of cancer

A recent study carried out by Cancer Research UK has found that avoiding a chemical found in certain foods could potentially slow the speed at which different cancers grow and spread, reported.  A team from the University of Cambridge looked at the compound, asparagine, which is commonly found in asparagus, poultry and seafood. They found that "when asparagine was removed from the diets of mice with an aggressive form of breast cancer, those that would normally have died within a few weeks live.

The growth of their tumors had slowed dramatically." Additionally research looked at patients with breast cancer, as well as kidney, head, and neck cancers and found that patients who naturally produced more asparagine were more likely to experience cancer spread. "This finding adds vital information to our understanding of how we can stop cancer spreading," Professor Greg Hannon, lead author of the study said, " the main reason patients die from their disease."

Read more in the full paper published in Nature.