Sell My Lab Equipment

Sell My Lab Equipment

Sell My Lab Equipment

Are you walking around the lab and thinking you just have a little too much used lab equipment around? There are multiple various reasons that you might be downsizing a lab. Sometimes the scope of the lab experiments changes and other times the lab might need to downsize due to cash flow reasons and change of focus. Other times you might have successfully pushed the product through Phase 1 and might be entering into Phase 2 or Phase 3 of your clinical trials. Regardless of the reason we can help make the process of selling your lab equipment quick and easy.

Sell Lab Equipment Quick

The process of selling your lab equipment can be as quick as a week. Yes, within a week the equipment can be out of your lab and the cash in your hand. The first step in assuring the whole lab equipment sales process is efficient is when you contact us. We answer every e-mail within 24 hours, usually we answer e-mails within a couple minutes if we aren’t sleeping.

Evaluating Lab Equipment

Evaluating your lab equipment is a quick efficient process for us. The first steps are getting a list of the equipment you want to sell. If that is not put together, we are always happy to a video call with you and virtually tour your lab. If the lab is local, we can often stop by and see the items. Seeing the lab equipment is important regardless of if it is an onsite visit, pictures, or video call. The reason being is just knowing the model of the lab equipment is not enough. Some of the models have been being manufactured for 20 -30 years so you need to be able to distinguish the various designs to determine the age of the lab instruments. Regardless of the model, age or manufacturer of the lab equipment we know the value. It is what we do all day every day. We keep an extensive list of sale prices form the last 10 years in business and over 40 years of combined business experience in selling lab equipment. In addition, we have additional resources to be able see the current sales price of lab equipment which will allow us to know both the short and long term resale value of the equipment.

Moving and Relocating Your Lab Equipment

We move lab equipment around all day every day. Sometimes we even come in and just move it on the weekends for fun. Well, the weekend parts not true, but we move equipment daily. We have our own staff on hand that is all trained specifically in packaging and moving lab equipment. In addition we have trucks configured with the correct strapping and tons of moving tools custom made and modified for moving lab equipment. For those tight spaces in Cambridge and other local cities we also have an extra-large sprinter van for those moves that are too tight for a large truck or just do not need that added expense. For those larger moves that might be a couple of 18 wheelers full we have a select network of movers that specialize in high value equipment and lab equipment. They are trained and have special divisions to ensure that the equipment arrives a in pristine condition.

Sales Process for Your Lab Equipment

The sales process for your lab equipment will be first class and hassle free. What does that mean. If you chose a cash payout option, the equipment will be removed, and you will receive payment instantly. If you choose the go with our lab consignment services, We remove everything from your lab and thoroughly provide a second decontamination and cleaning. We then provide a preventative maintenance on the item and get it photo’d and videoed for sale. Your listing will be beautifully done on our website and receive first class SEO. After the sale you will receive a detailed breakdown of any costs and the payout.

Best Used Lab Partner

We are the best partner for your lab equipment sales hands down. We work as hard as we can to get the best return for your lab equipment. We come into your facility and remove the items and leave it broom swept clean. We treat you how we would want to be treated which is with fairness and integrity.

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